2021 Student Rep election guide


The Essential Rep Training for Student Reps will take place entirely online on our website and there will be no physical sessions. There are no projected disadvantages to running our Essential Rep Training online and we will create social spots for Reps to be able to meet other fellow Reps and exchange ideas.


Please note we are no longer giving out Purple Rep Hoodies as part of our incentives. Please do not use this in your communications, we don't do it any more.


Please follow the guide below. These are guidelines as each programme is free to use other tools or methods for election. However, please adhere to point 4, as this is a crucial step. If Student Reps don't register, we don't count them.


BU Staff Guide - How to elect a Student Rep:


1: Share this presentation with the whole group

This quick presentation will inform the group what Student Reps are, why we have them at BU, and what they're expected to do. For more formal information about the role you can provide the student with the Student Rep Role Description


2: Ask the students who would like to run

Once you have candidates, either collate a short statement from each candidate detailing why they'd like to be elected as a Rep, or allow them time in lecture (online or otherwise) to speak to their fellow students. If there are no candidates in the role, please read this short guide


3. Create an online election using a tool like Mentimeter.

We have created a guide to help you with this process here. BU now have a site license for mentimeter, you can get it for free here.


4: Announce the successful candidate and email them this letter.

The Reps must be given this letter in order register as a Rep and gain access to training and therefore become a recognised Student Rep.




We anticipate that most Programmes will be able to elect their Reps within the first few weeks of the Academic Year, but just in case, we are allowing more time than usual for elections to be complete. Normally, Reps will have been elected by the 29th October, but if this isn't the case for your programme for whatever reason, you may elect Reps and follow the process as described above at any time. If you are having trouble with this, please contact as soon as possible.





For more information about Student Reps, click on the headings below:

What can BU staff expect from Student Reps
What are the different levels of Rep
What is the difference between Reps and PAL Leaders


And for questions please contact the Student Voice & Policy team on