Our How's SUBU for You? findings

For over a decade, SUBU has been running its annual survey called How's SUBU for You? We use this during semester two to find out how well our services and engagement opportunities are working for students - the results give us crucial information to help shape SUBU for students.


How's SUBU for You? 2023 

This year 919 students responded to our survey - an increase of more than 600 students when compared with the previous year. We were delighted to find that many of our members have been involved in a variety of SUBU's opportunities and social activities and that our members gave extremely positive feedback about these experiences. We have also been encouraged by the high levels of engagement with, as well as positive feedback on, SUBU's key services. Higher proportions of members rated their BU experience positively and felt that SUBU is creating positive change. We are in the process of reviewing these findings and addressing some of the areas for improvement.