Full-Time Officers



Naomie Lebe


Omuwa Ayomoto

VP Student Opportunities

Chiko Bwalya

VP Education

Toluwa Atilade

VP Welfare & Community



We are your Full-Time Union Officer team for 2021/22, your elected representatives for the year ahead.  

As a BU Student, you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Our priority as elected officers of your Students’ Union (SUBU) is to ensure fairness for all, and that your voice is heard- both within the Union and the University. There are so many incredible opportunities for you here, from becoming an elected officer, collecting feedback as a Student Rep, joining our Liberation Campaigns, over 120 Clubs and Societies and much more.

We hope you enjoy reading about our aims for the year ahead, we are very excited to be representing you. If you would like to pay us a visit or talk to us about anything, please come and see us in the Student Centre (Talbot Campus) on the first floor or in our office in Studland House in Lansdowne Campus.

Best wishes,

Naomie, Omuwa, Chiko and Toluwa


Part-Time Officers


SUBU Summit Chair



Asian, Arab & Ethnic Minority Officer

Mo Kapoor

My soul intention is to take part within the SUBU to gain and add academic skills towards my career. I would like to represent and help Asian, Arabic and Black community to drive themselves towards achieving their goals.


Black Students Officer

Ebube Christian

I believe I will be an ideal candidate for the position of a Black Students' officer because I have always had the passion to restore the dignity and integrity of the Black race. If elected, My major concern will be the restoration of the lost glory and priceless image we have had in the past by making sure we as a group here in Bournemouth University uphold our cultural values in harmony with the School's value system. Give me this opportunity and experience a facelift of the 'Black Community'


Disabled Students Officer

Caitlyn Bembridge

As soon as I saw the Disabled Student Officer position a simple question popped into my head "What is classed as Disabled? Who is represented and supported by this role?"

A conversation with the Democracy Team enlightened me to see that it covers Accessibility, Additional Needs and Neuro-Diverse. So why isn't this title encompassing of that?!

Together let's get that changed and encourage those under the umbrella to reach out for further adaptations and support.

Secondly, let’s get societies to provide Accessibility sessions for those that need it, this encourages conversation, inclusivity and raises awareness with all students!


LGB+ Officer

Jodie Cobb

As a liberation officer of the LGBTQ+ community I wish to normalise love to all genders and be inclusive to all types of love. How we love and who we love is defined by ourselves so I aim to make it so how someone loves isn't seen as something to be questioned but something to be admired and respected. I wish to talk to all types of people with different definitions of love in order to grow as a person.



Trans & Non-Binary Officer

Leon Cambray

Hi, I'm Ari and I'm running for the Trans/Enby officer role. I have experienced how little support there is for trans people in this country and I'm running in the hopes that I can make this university a better space for all of us. If I get elected, I want to work to make BU as safe as possible and:

  • educate staff/lecturers on trans issues
  • work against the influence of any TERF/GC person or group at uni
  • streamline transition processes
  • be a voice of support for vulnerable individuals


Women's Officer

Lauren Francis

I'm Lauren and I'm currently a student on MA Marketing Communications. Last year, I worked within SUBU as a part time faculty officer and I have been a student rep for two years. This year, I'm hoping to be your women's officer to ensure that all women are being represented across BU and SUBU. If elected I hope to:

  1. Increase support for victims of violence against women
  2. Work with BU to ensure all students are educated about informed consent
  3. Ensure menstrual products are freely available across all BU buildings


Business School Officer

John Bernard

Having an enabling environment where student voice is heard and your thoughts and points of view are always well represented has always been my passion and concern . I am more of a people person and an excellent communicator who love to interacts and meet new people. If given an opportunity to serve as SUBU faculty officer , be rest assured that I will represent your interest and ensure that together we build a strong community


Business School Rep

Yash Thakur

Time is NOW for us to build a positive relationship between students & staff of BU Business School and build a stronger base and smooth experience for freshers and future students at this faculty. My primary aim is to address factors affecting Achievement & Retention rates at BU Business School while discussing agendas through students’ perspectives. I'm currently an International Student Ambassador, Vice-President at Hospitality & Tourism Society, and Student Representative@Yourfacultyrep.Yash


Business School Rep

Nicole Chee

Hi my name is Nicole and I am running for Faculty Rep because I want to make your voice heard. I believe everyone have the right of students voice and it will be my first aim to make your voice heard. I was a student rep last year and I believe that I can use my skills that I learnt from that to help me make the best Faculty rep. My second aim is to create session with your student rep so that ask them questions and give feedback to them. Thank you I hope to be your Faculty Rep.


Media & Communications Officer

Olubunmi Okunnu

Hi I'm Olu, an international student studying Multimedia Journalism. I believe my recent roles back in Nigeria around diversity, communications and team leadership has prepared me for the role of Faculty Rep. I’m hoping to use my experience to serve and shape the collective welfare of everyone in the faculty. What are the issues and concerns facing your learning at BU? I bet you would want these matters heard by those who have the power to make the changes. Let me be your voice so that together we can make our learning experience at Bournemouth University, the best possible!



Media & Communications Rep

Latayan Richardson


Science & Technology Officer

Paige Norton-Edwards

You deserve the best education and social life while you’re here at Bournemouth University. Last year I was a SciTech rep and helped implement many changes in the faculty for the better, and this year I want to do that again for you all. I will fight for you to have the best experience at university that you deserve. Vote for me to make your voice heard.



Science & Technology Rep

Loui Eriksson

I really care about the quality of our education and as your representative I will hold BU to the high standards they advertise. I will make sure we receive our money's worth and will regularly liase with our lecturers to ensure that your issues are addressed. When you have a problem, you'll want someone who is confident, persistent, and capable to solve it. Let that person be me.


Science & Technology Rep

Taiwo Coker

Hi, My name is Taiwo Coker and I am running for the position of Student Rep for Msc Information Technology, this is because I feel this role will allow me learn and partake in a leadership role.

I have experience from my previous studies in computer science and I also have work experience in Business Analysis and Project management. I have developed the following skills; leadership, teamwork, communication and I believe these make me an ideal candidate.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to get in contact with at or 07379280239.



Health & Social Sciences Officer