Full-Time Officers


Chike Dike

Chike Dike

SU President

Norah Valerie Deka

Norah Valerie Deka

VP Education

Holly Tyack

Holly Tyack

VP Student Opportunities

Fatima Farha

Fatima Farha

VP Welfare & Community



We are your Full-Time Union Officer team for 2023/24, your elected representatives for the year ahead.  

As a BU Student, you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Our priority as elected officers of your Students’ Union (SUBU) is to ensure fairness for all, and that your voice is heard- both within the Union and the University. There are so many incredible opportunities for you here, from becoming an elected officer, collecting feedback as a Student Rep, joining our Liberation Campaigns, over 120 Clubs and Societies and much more.

We hope you enjoy reading about our aims for the year ahead, we are very excited to be representing you. If you would like to pay us a visit or talk to us about anything, please come and see us in the Student Centre (Talbot Campus) on the first floor or in our office on the third floor in Bournemouth Gateway Building on Lansdowne Campus.

Best wishes,

Chike, Holly, Fatima and Valerie


Part-Time Officers

SUBU's Part-Time officers are current students elected to represent student communities and faculties across the university. Along with the Full-Time Officers they form your Executive Committee who help to guide the work of SUBU and the representation of students.



SUBU Summit Chair

Ashiq Khan

Photo of Julnar

Asian, Arab & Ethnic Minority Officer

Julnar Sharif

Photo of Gabriel

Black Students' Officer

Gabriel Adelaja

Photo of Zainab

Disabilities, Accessibility and Neuro-Diverse Officer

Zainab Abdul-Obitayo


LGBTQ+ Officer

Ezra Cassidy


Trans, Non-Binary, Intersex & Gender Identity + Officer

Charlie Lavender


Women's Officer

Valeria Cojocaru


Business School Officer

Rohit Pakalapati

Photo of Kataleeya

Media & Communications Officer

Kataleeya Duffy


Science & Technology Officer

Alex Caton-Bradley

Photo of Yaa

Health & Social Sciences Officer

Yaa Debra


Graduate Skills +

Taking part in this SUBU extra curricular activity counts towards the BU Graduate Skills Plus Award; designed to give you a structured way to develop and articulate the employability skills you gain whilst at BU. More information at