What is the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee lead on decisions about the future of SUBU. They help make general or specific changes for the students that they represent and more broadly serve to direct SUBU and respond to University plans.

Who is part of the Executive Committee?

There are 10 members of the Executive Committee.  This includes your 5 Full-Time Officers and 10 Executive Committee Officers. Your 6 Liberation Officers also attend the meetings.

Key Responsibilities of Executive Committee Officers

Executive Committee Officers are part-time officers who are elected for one year. They are expected to proactively champion the rights and needs of SUBU members. They help lead the development and oversight of SUBU’s work and support Full-Time Union Officers and Students’ Union staff deliver relevant campaigns and policies. Executive Officers are expected to attend Exec Committee meetings for one hour every two weeks; beyond this, they are free to choose how much time you dedicate to the position.

Benefits of being an Executive Committee Officer

  • Make a difference and impact the lives of students
  • Learn new skills in communication, policy analysis, and development
  • Develop your presentation, debating and decision-making skills
  • Build your professional and personal networks across the staff & student body
  • Take opportunities to participate in national events

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