The Executive Committee is made up of your Union Officers. They meet every other week during term time to discuss campaigns, projects, policy and update each other on what they have been up to. 



President Asian, Arab and Ethnic Minority Officer Business School Officer SUBU Summit Chair
Vice-President Education Black Students Officer Faculty of Health and Social Sciences Officer  
Vice-President Student Opportunities Disabilities Officer Faculty of Media and Communication Officer  
Vice-President Welfare and Community Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Plus Officer Faculty of Science and Technology Officer  
  Trans and Non-Binary Officer    
  Women's Officer    


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2020/21 Meetings


Date Time Location Agenda and Papers Minutes
09.11.20 5pm - 6pm EBC Floor 2 & TEAMS EC-2021-01-01 EC-2021-01-02
24.11.20 4pm - 5pm FG06 & TEAMS EC-2021-02-01 EC-2021-02-02
11.12.20 4pm - 5pm F305 & TEAMS EC-2021-03-01 EC-2021-03-02
12.01.21 4pm - 5pm F305 & TEAMS EC-2021-04-01 EC-2021-04-02
04.02.21 2pm - 3pm F104 & TEAMS EC-2021-05-01 EC-2021-05-02
18.02.21 4pm - 5pm FG06 & TEAMS EC-2021-06-01 EC-2021-06-02
09.03.21 4pm - 5pm FG06 & TEAMS EC-2021-07-01 EC-2021-07-02
25.03.21 4pm - 5pm F201 & TEAMS EC-2021-08-01 EC-2021-08-02 (draft)
20.04.21 4pm - 5pm FG06 & TEAMS EC-2021-09-01 EC-2021-09-02 (draft)
14.05.21 4pm - 5pm FG06 & TEAMS EC-2021-10-01  


2019/20 Meetings

View the minutes here