We're your Student Voice and Policy team - we work for students by making sure your feedback drives SUBU's work in a number of ways, for example:


- Gathering student feedback about your entire university experience

- Running SimOn, our Simple Online feedback tool, allowing students to give their feedback on all aspects of their University experience 

- Ensuring SUBU tells you what we're doing about the feedback you share with us, and what we're working on for students

- Running our Student Representation System and supporting Reps in their roles

- Supporting your Full-Time Union Officers to represent your student voices effectively, wherever they need to

- Providing insight from student feedback and sector policy to SUBU Officers and staff, making sure SUBU's work is based on what you need us to do

If you wish to contact us, please email us at

Please find a summary of all of our feedback from 2023-24 in our Student Feedback and Reps SharePoint page!


We work to ensure your BU student experience is the best it can be by using your feedback to inform what we do. Look through our pages, get involved and make sure to share your student voice with us!

Meet The Team


Jane de Vekey

Head of Student Voice & Policy

Sarah Corder

Sarah Corder

Student Voice & Insight Manager

Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes

Student Voice Co-ordinator