"As students are at the heart of the University, it’s hugely important that we have processes in place so the voices of students can be heard. The main way this happens at BU is through our Student Rep system."



Reps are fully trained by SUBU each year, which prepares them for their role so that they can effectively collect feedback, accurately present it, then report back to their students or… collect it, represent it, share it. 

Our Student Reps are incredibly important to both SUBU and BU, as they provide amazing insights into the Student Experience, and make sure that your BU experience is the best that it can be by discussing your feedback with Programme Leaders and University Leadership. Find out more about Student Reps below!


Meet The Team


Sarah Corder

Sarah Corder

Student Voice & Insight Manager

Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes

Student Voice Co-ordinator

Adam Stokes

Chris Millen

Student Voice Analyst


Graduate Skills +

Taking part in this SUBU extra curricular activity counts towards the BU Graduate Skills Plus Award; designed to give you a structured way to develop and articulate the employability skills you gain whilst at BU. More information at