Faculty Reps


Faculty Reps are Students who are elected to represent their Faculty at the highest level of our Student Representation Structure.


They work hard to bring the collective Student Voice of their faculty to important meetings, and work together to discuss feedback with the University. Amongst our Faculty Reps we also have our Faculty Officer, who sits on our Exec Committee at SUBU, bringing your Student Voice to where it can make a difference and hold our Officers to account.


Business School Rep

Ahmed Ola


Business School Rep

Oluwaseun Awogbenle

Media & Communications Rep

Thomas Lower


Science & Technology Rep

Kyrian Onwuegbuchunam


Science & Technology Rep

Nila Begum


Health & Social Sciences Rep

Nathan-Jacques Le Blancq


Health & Social Sciences Rep

Nengi Aprekuma





We have three positions for each Faculty: One Faculty Officer and two Faculty Reps. Here are their responsibilities:


Faculty Rep

- Liaises with Student Reps and Department Reps about student feedback for their faculty

- Organises Student Rep forums for their faculty

- Attends Faculty Rep forum with SUBU Student Voice & Policy team

- Attends BU meetings such as Faculty Academic Standards and Experience Committee (FASEC)



Faculty Officer

- All responsibilities of the Faculty Rep

- Attends SUBU Executive Commitee and bring issues of a representative nature to this meeting

- Represents SUBU and its members at BU meetings




Once all Faculty Reps are elected, all their details will be displayed below, so remember to check back again soon!