About our Community Kitchen

Located on the second floor of the Student Centre at Talbot Campus, the Community Kitchen is open to all BU staff and students to use throughout the year. Its main purpose is to help those who are facing difficulties during the cost-of-living crisis and are unable to afford daily essentials such as food or sanitary products. It’s also a great place to meet people, heat up food, look through recipe books and eat as a group.

The open cupboard and fridge are stocked with surplus food donations so you can pop by and take what you need.

We also have meal packs, canned and tinned food and other household items available. If you’d like access to this, please speak to the SUBU Advice Team. In collaboration with Campus Living Villages and ResLife BU, SUBU Advice are also able to provide you with short-term supply packs, depending on your needs. These include 1, 3 and 7-day food packs, feminine hygiene packs, personal care packs and more. 


They’re located just round the corner from the kitchen, open Monday to  Friday 10am - 4pm. You can also give them a call or email on:

01202 965779



The Community Kitchen is launching a series of events to help combat the cost-of-living crisis and support BU students and staff this year:


Free Breakfast Club

Community Kitchen, 2nd floor Student Centre, Talbot Campus

Tuesdays 8:30am – 10am


BGB 301c Lansdowne Campus

Thursdays 8:30am-10am


Monthly Supper Club

Community Kitchen, 2nd floor Student Centre, Talbot Campus

Third Wednesday of every month, starting 20th Sept 2023

Food Served 5.30pm - 6.30 pm


Register for these events here



There are donation bins around Talbot Campus where you can donate unused items to the Community Kitchen such as:

· Unopened food or drink items before their use by date*

· Fruit/vegetables/salad items that are still consumable

· Unopened, non-perishable store cupboard food or drink items, no more than 1 year after their best before date*

· Recipe cards or books

· Unopened household or personal hygiene items (clothes washing tablets, shower gel, toothpaste etc)


*‘Use by’ date refers to food safety. Food can be eaten up to the end of this date but not after, even if it looks and smells fine. Always follow the storage instructions on packs.

*‘Best before’ date refers to quality rather than food safety. Foods with a 'best before' date should be safe to eat after the 'best before' date, but they may no longer be at their best.


Further support

If you need further support, please speak with our Advice Centre who can support or signpost you to the Small Emergency Grant, foodbank and more.

01202 965779