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Tortoise Media presents… Coronavirus: Generation Z has its say

2nd April 2020

Last night, I (virtually) attended a ThinkIn run by Tortoise Media, titled ‘Coronavirus: Generation Z has its say’. Tortoise Media, a platform for ‘slow’ journalism, digitally hosted the event as an opportunity for a wide range of young people to comment on how Coronavirus has directly impacted them.

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Value for money - what do students really think?

13th September 2019

Value for money is a phrase we hear a lot in reference to Higher Education and it’s an important conversation point for students. Value for money should surely not be as crude as looking at graduate earning potential, yet TEF continues to use graduate earnings as a metric to measure student outcomes.

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A Student Perspective on Students' Union Policy

23rd July 2019

Hi, I’m Katie and for the last 6 weeks I’ve been a policy researcher for SUBU in order to look at their policies from a students’ perspective as someone who knew nothing about policies. I’ve learned that they help to guide unions by providing standpoints on subjects and are there to help students think about what their Students’ Union can do to improve and move forwards.

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Students and Financial Stress

19th July 2019

NatWest’s Student Living Index came out this month, promoted as a way of helping students to know which University is right for them by showing them the most affordable UK cities to live in, according to the students they asked. There’s very little information on the methodology of the survey, but what we do know is that it’s in its sixth year and this year they asked 3,604 students across 35 university cities how much they spend on food, rent, and social expenses and claim that “the results shed light on what it's really like to be a university student in 2019.”

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A Reflection on Representation

2nd July 2019

Summer is a time of change in Students’ Unions as incoming elected Full-Time Officers begin the handover process and re-elected officers start making plans for the year ahead. In SUBU, this (Monday 1st July) is Brad Powell’s last week as Vice President Welfare and Equal Opportunities and he will be taking everything he has learned over the last year to channel it into a Master’s degree at the University of Surrey.

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The Student Voice & Policy Team have been busy with student consultation events on enhancing the student voice and widening access and participation.

Policy updates will resume shortly.

April - June 2019


The Secret Life of Students - A SUBU Perspective

29th March 2019

On Monday I attended Wonkhe’s one day event called ‘The Secret Life of Students: Rethinking the student experience’, with a range of sector leaders presenting their research and views on current trends for the student experience. Alongside the Universities Minister, Chris Skidmore and AMOSSHE’s chair, Jayne Aldridge, we had Bournemouth University’s very own Michelle Morgan, Associate Dean for Student Experience in FMC, presenting on how to research students for impact.

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That's a Wrap: Full-Time Officer Elections 2019

22nd March 2019

In spring each year, Students’ Unions around the country run elections across-campus for current students to run for and elect their full-time representatives for the next academic year. These representatives are called Full-Time Union Officers (sometimes referred to as Sabbaticals) and they lead the direction of the Students’ Union, representing and championing the collective student voice.

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International Women's Day

8th March 2019

As its International Women’s Day, it’s interesting to take a brief look at gender in Higher Education; specifically graduate outcomes. There are lots of factors that can influence outcomes and this update only looks at gender, but when you add characteristics such as ethnicity or disability alongside gender, the picture changes again.

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SUBU Responds to National Independent Review of TEF

6th March 2019

Back in 2017 NUS and some Students' Unions lobbied the Government on planned changes to Education and won an independent review of the Teaching Excellence Framework. Read SUBU's response to that review here!

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Preparing and Supporting Students to Transition to University

1st February 2019

On Wednesday 23rd January, Sophie Bradfield attended a Westminster Briefing on behalf of SUBU, on supporting students into Higher Education (HE) which focused on how to prepare students with realistic expectations to help them transition into University life. 

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Higher Education Data on BME student retention and outcomes

7th December 2018

The Office for Students (OfS) published a Topic Briefing on Black and minority ethnic (BME) students highlighting that despite a rise in numbers of students from BME backgrounds participating in HE, there remain issues in retention, outcomes and progression especially when coupled with socio-economic disadvantage.

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23rd November 2018

Sutton Trust has published research on graduate internships detailing that “39% of graduates in their twenties have done an internship, including almost half (46%) of young graduates under 24.” 

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Students’ Unions are in need of Radical, Systemic Reform? Or are they?

9th November 2018

Sophie Bradfield reports back from Wonkfest, an annual event organised by Wonkhe to give her thoughts on the debate titled 'Students' unions are in need of radical, systemic reform. Or are they?'

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