All SUBU elections should be free and fair, which is why we have regulations which govern our elections. Every student should be aware of the election regulations as well as knowing how they can make a complaint if they feel a regulation has been broken.



The guiding principles of all SUBU elections are:

1. The law, University Policies and Union Regulations are all in full force and shall apply to SUBU elections

2. Students must be free to cast their vote without undue pressure or influence

3. Candidates must treat other candidates, students, staff and members of the public with respect

4. Candidates must not undermine the fair and democratic running of elections

5. Candidates must not do anything to gain an unfair advantage

6. Candidates must respect the campus environment and the community


View the Election Regulations for the 2023 Clubs & Societies & Nerve By-Elections Here


View the Election Regulations for the 2023 Part-Time Officer By-Elections Here




Complaints Process

1. Complaints should be made in a timely manner and as close to the alleged rule break as possible

2. Complaints will be accepted up until one hour prior to the commencement of the count

3. Complaints must be submitted in writing, with additional evidence attached

4. Complaints made informally and without evidence shall not be heard

5. Once a complaint has been received the Returning Officers shall aim to investigate and resolve the complaint by 12pm the following working day

6. A complainant may appeal the decision of the Returning Officers. More information about complaints and appeals may be found in the Union’s bye-laws.


Election Complaints





The deadline for submitting a standard and/or late complaint for the 2022 Full-Time Officer and NUS Delegate Elections has now passed.