The Student Members Meeting is a large forum where all students are invited to debate and determine the direction of SUBU. As a Students’ Union, we are directed by you - our members! Participating in the Student Members Meeting is one of the ways that you can get involved. All students are welcome to attend and participate in voting if they are Union members.






1. Ratify the minutes of the previous meeting                                                                                                                  Click here

2. Trustee Board report on the Union's activities since the previous annual SMM                                                    Click here

3. Presenting the accounts of the Union                                                                                                                           Click here

4. Approving the list of affiliations                                                                                                                                     Click here

5. Open Questions to Trustees

6. Motions (Student Ideas)                                                                                                                                                   Click here





Deadline for submitting ideas via the 'Your Idea' Platform

April 1st, 12pm (midday)


Draft Agenda Published

April 11th, 12pm (midday)


Amendments Accepted

April 12th, 12pm - April 15th, 12pm


Final Agenda Published

April 18th, 10am


Proxy Voting Open

April 19th, 10am - April 24th, 11.59pm



The next Student Members' Meeting will take place on April 25th 2024, 6pm to 8pm



Throughout the year any student can submit their idea to make SUBU the best that it can be via the 'Your Ideas' platform here. Students can vote and comment on ideas. The Chair then decides which ideas should be taken forward and debated at the Student Members' Meeting.



If you want to make any changes to the ideas once they are published you must do this prior to the deadline. These will then either be accepted by the person who put forward the idea or taken forward to the meeting to be debated.

You can submit amendments to the ideas between April 12th and April 15th.



If you want to make your voice heard but are unable to make the meeting you can vote via proxy! This means that you'll submit your votes online prior to the meeting. 

Typically the Chair will act as your proxy, however you can elect another student who is in attendance to act as your proxy. You must provide their details to do this.

Proxy voting will open on Friday 19th April at 10am.