The Student Members’ meeting is a large forum where all students are invited to debate and determine the direction of SUBU. As a students’ union we are direct by you, our members, and participating in the Student member’ meeting is one of the ways that you can get involved. 


If you've got an idea that you think should be debated at a Student Members' Meeting be sure to submit it here


The next Student Members' meeting is set to take place on the 13th of May, 6-8pm. Book your space here!


What you can expect at a Student Members’ meeting: 

1. Ratification of minutes of the previous annual Student Members’ meeting

2. Receiving the report of the Trustees on the Union’s activities since the previous annual Student Members’ meeting

3. Formally presenting the accounts of the Union to the Student Members

4. Approving the list of affiliations of the Union

5. Open questions to the Trustees by the Student Members.

6. Motions


Minutes and Accounts

AGM & BSM Minutes May 2020

BSM Minute November 2019

AGM & BSM Minutes February 2019

BSM Minutes November 2018 

BSM Minutes February 2018

BSM Minutes November 2017


View SUBU's accounts here