The SUBU Summit is made up of elected representatives from across the Union who discuss and debate student ideas, hold the Full-Time Officers to account, and oversee the work of the Union.


Who can take part in the SUBU Summit?

All students are invited to attend to support their peers or speak up on an issue that matters to them, but only voting members are eligible to vote.

The voting members of the SUBU Summit are:

1. All Student Reps

2. One representative per Club or Society

3. The Union Officers


How does the meeting work?

The SUBU Summit is chaired by the SUBU Summit Chair. They are a neutral student member who is elected specifically to Chair the meeting. They are responsible for setting the meeting agenda and ensure that every student gets a fair chance to share their opinion. 

Students submit ideas through the ideas platform and before the meeting the Chair decides which ideas to bring forward. The summit members then select which ideas they want to discuss. In small groups, they will then work together to amend the ideas where necessary. This will be followed by a final vote of all voting members which may either take place in person or online. If an idea passes it will become Union Policy, you can see all current Union Policy here. After discussing student ideas the summit members will then be invited to talk to the Full-Time Officers and hold them accountable to the work that they have achieved whilst they have been in office. 


2020/21 Meetings


Date Time Location Agenda and Papers Minutes
12th November 6-8pm Zoom    
10th December 6-8pm Zoom    
24th March 6-8pm Zoom    
13th May 6-8pm Zoom