Your new Full-Time Officers for 2023/24


SU President


President: Chike Dike (he/him)


Hey! I’m Chike, your current VP Welfare & Community, and your next SU President. I’ll quickly tell you why.

I came to BU in 2021 to pursue a postgraduate degree in Political Psychology and during that time, I contested and was elected VP Welfare & Community, following a pattern of leadership that has marked my academic journey.
In my time as VP Welfare & Community, I have delivered on my pledge to prioritize student wellbeing and develop new International Student welfare programmes. Initiatives such as The Wellbeing Leaflet, Nature Workshop, and the International Student’s Buddy Scheme are a testament to my ability to follow-through. My leadership journey reflects my problem-solving abilities. I step up when a challenge arises and this is exemplified by my initiatives to tackle the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on BU students, including but not limited to the Community Kitchen and Cost of Living Support page.
YOU need an SU PRESIDENT that will make the necessary strides to better your student experience. Make the right choice and allow me to bring my experience and tenacity into the Presidency.
VOTE CHIKE #1 FOR SU PRESIDENT and I will continue to ensure that all my decisions & programmes reflect the feedback, needs, and lived experiences of all BU students.

When elected I will:
1) Continue to develop new initiatives to support students through the rising cost-of -living crisis while improving on existing initiatives
2) Organize more fairs with CareersBU and diversify the range of part-time work available to students
3) Leverage the rapport I’ve built with the Dorset Police department and the Bournemouth community to ensure that student safety remains a top priority both on and off campus
4) Continue working with the international team to make integration into the BU community as seamless as possible
#Chike4President #CD4SUP

VP Education


Vice President Education: Norah Valerie Deka (she/her)


RE-ELECT Norah Valerie Deka #1 for VP Education

I want to be your VP Education AGAIN!


I understand the frustrations students have felt with staff contact hours, dealing with unhelpful assignment feedback and being unsure of what support and resources are available. I want to continue pushing the university into the right direction for ALL BU students!


Since elected with your support as the current VP Education I have:


This year I can achieve even MORE for you.


Re-elect Norah Valerie Deka and I will…

  • Successfully Lobbied for the University to start working towards recorded lectures.
  • Worked with the University during the change from academic advisors to personal tutors
  • Collaborated with the library to promote workshops
  • Worked alongside the full-time officer team to create the international buddy scheme


    -I aim to continue working with BU FLIE and The Academic Quality team on lecture recordings, promoting personal tutors and developing assessment feedback that works for you.
    -I aim to do this by creating an volunteer international part-time officer within SUBU and promoting more platforms for student input.
    -This will be done by creating further awareness to academic support that BU offers.
    -Supporting the VP welfare officer with mental health events to combat exam stress.
    -Promoting academic societies to expand students’ academic/career skills.
    Continue working with BU to improve teaching accessibility for ALL Students!
  • Continue to amplify students’ voices in supporting marginalised /minority student groups. Develop workshops/events for students to manage workload and stress for academic success.

I can still be the microphone to amplify your voices, please re-elect Norah Valerie Deka for VP Education.



Norah Valerie Deka


VP Student Opportunities


Vice President Student Opportunities: Holly Tyack (she/her)


Your next vice present of student opportunities!


Hi, my name is Holly Tyack, I’m a third-year Social Anthropology and Sociology student.

Being part of a society and getting involved in activities outside my course has been an amazing part of my university experience. I am running for this role because I want every student to experience this, ensuring that there are inclusive, accessible extra-curricular opportunities available.


I have leadership experience running the Ballroom and Latin Dance Society as a coach and secretary. In these roles I have successfully pitched and implemented ideas, helped double our active membership, secure a sponsorship, and represent the university at multiple competitions. As a fellow student and committee member I can represent your voice which is why you should vote for me.


Campaign Points:


Holly Tyack
  • - Help Improve Clubs + Societies. SUBU offers 83 societies to get involved in, yet only 22.3% of students are involved in 1 aspect of SUBU. I want to increase participation, supporting clubs and societies by implementing a faster, easier room booking service, creating additional social sports clubs, providing more mirrored spaces, and sourcing affordable coach and minibus hire.
  • - Expand Events on Lansdowne. I will make the Lansdowne campus feel more social by adding additional seating, creating a larger SUBU presence, by organising more events that don’t clash with timetables and better advertisement of the ‘what’s on calendar’ so all students are aware of what events are happening.
  • Real Placement Support. I will boost your employability by expanding the number of placement opportunities – especially paid ones! Work experience relevant to your degree is crucial to getting the job you want. To achieve this, I will network within Bournemouth to create more placements and graduate opportunities, whilst promoting the existing career support and gradual skills hub.


VP Welfare & Community


Vice President Welfare and Community: Fatima Farha (she/her)


Vote Fatima Farha #1 for Vice-President Welfare & Community.


My vision is for all students to feel included and supported within the BU community. My role as the Asian Arab and Ethnic Minority Officer at SUBU has given me understanding of the many challenges faced by home students and international students alike, and I am ready to broaden my work towards improving your student life. With first-hand experience in assisting students in precarious positions, I will continue to work to ensure better access to mental health resources, and part-time job opportunities. My manifesto centres around three key pillars: inclusivity, accessibility, and empowerment.


As a student myself, I understand the pressures that we face, both academically and personally, including the recent rise in cost of living. Through my current leadership role and working with SUBU, I have witnessed the importance of having a community that prioritizes student well-being. Running for the Vice-President role aligns with my passion for advocacy and developing initiatives that address student issues. If elected I will:

  • Prioritise improving university housing service in collaboration with BU Lettings by advocating for more affordable and accessible housing options for all students.
  • Diversify access to mental health support through BU Student well-being services and workshops, ensuring it is inclusive, culturally competent, and reflective of our diverse student population.
  • Streamline student feedback channels to enable efficiency in addressing complaints through SUBU Advice and student representatives.
  • Develop SUBU’s allyship hub and organise workshops and resources to promote awareness of the experiences of marginalised groups in academic and social spaces.

Vote for me as your SU VP Welfare and Community because I will put your needs and concerns at the forefront of my work and I am committed to being a champion of diversity and inclusion here at BU.

 Fatima Farha

NUS Delegates


NUS Delegate: Leon Cambray (they/them)


I’m running to be one of your NUS Delegates! As someone who has been to NUS’s Liberation conference and works with NUS I’m experienced in being a delegate, hopefully I sound like a good spokesperson for you! I want to ensure all students are represented at National Conference ??

Leon Cambray

NUS Delegate: Norah Valerie Deka (she/her)


Vote Me, Norah Valerie Deka for NUS delegate! With experience in the student union as the Vice-President of education and with knowledge about what is going on in the sector for education. I can represent SUBU at NUS for you! ??

Norah Valerie Deka

NUS Delegate: Chike Dike (he/him)


Hey! I’m Chike, your current VP Welfare & Community and I’m running to be your NUS delegate. I have experience being a student representative at National Conferences, even taking home an award at a Model UN Conference. I’m the right person for the job, vote Chike #1 for NUS Delegate.

Chike Dike

NUS Delegate: Sasha Duma (she/her)


Global changes always start with small changes. My personal dream is to create a comfortable environment for the student community. As a person who has a rich student experience, I will take an active part in the conference and collaborate with other delegates to achieve better future for our students.

Sasha Duma

NUS Delegate: Ben Young (he/him)


Hi, I’m Ben Young, and I believe that as an NUS Delegate I can help to bring about progressive change at BU - I was the winner of the Sustainability Challenge, and I have recently been an international buddy, helping new international students feel at home at BU.

Ben Young



Voter Count


At SUBU we use a preferential voting system called Single Transferable Vote (STV) system which provides voters with much more choice and influence. When voting students select their candidates in order of preference and are able to vote for as many or as few as they like. During the count candidates are excluded if it is impossible for them to reach the quota, their votes are then transferred in order of preference. STV means that candidates must reach a quota/proportion of the vote. The quota is determined by the number of votes cast and the number of positions to be filled. For roles where there is only one position available the quota is half the total number of votes cast. If in the final round there are two candidates remaining the candidate with the highest number of votes is elected.


Full Elections Results Breakdown

SU President

Total Ballots Cast 1941
Quota 970.5

First Round

Chike Dike 484
Hasan Rehman 282
Kaz Rose Golzari 224
Leon Cambray 204
Gbenga Ibitoye 265
Chiedozie Chukwujiuba Nwagu 183
Pritpal Singh Nanray 169
Qudus Olarenwaju Nafiu 78
Ashiq Khan 48
Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) 4

Second Round

Chike Dike 484
Hasan Rehman 282
Gbenga Ibitoye 265
Kaz Rose Golzari 224
Leon Cambray 204
Chiedozie Chukwujiuba Nwagu 183
Pritpal Singh Nanray 169
Qudus Olarenwaju Nafiu 79
Ashiq Khan 48

Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) 0
Re-open nominations EXCLUDED
Third Round

Chike Dike 486
Hasan Rehman 283
Gbenga Ibitoye 266
Kaz Rose Golzari 226
Leon Cambray 208
Chiedozie Chukwujiuba Nwagu 185
Pritpal Singh Nanray 175
Qudus Olarenwaju Nafiu 79

Ashiq Khan 0
Fourth Round

Chike Dike 493
Hasan Rehman 285
Gbenga Ibitoye 270
Kaz Rose Golzari 228
Leon Cambray 209
Chiedozie Chukwujiuba Nwagu 190
Pritpal Singh Nanray 175

Qudus Olarenwaju Nafiu 0
Qudus Olarenwaju Nafiu EXCLUDED
Fifth Round

Chike Dike 505
Hasan Rehman 295
Gbenga Ibitoye 275
Kaz Rose Golzari 236
Leon Cambray 223
Chiedozie Chukwujiuba Nwagu 193

Pritpal Singh Nanray 0
Pritpal Singh Nanray EXCLUDED
Sixth Round

Chike Dike 527
Hasan Rehman 299
Gbenga Ibitoye 292
Kaz Rose Golzari 242
Leon Cambray 228

Chiedozie Chukwujiuba Nwagu 0
Chiedozie Chukwujiuba Nwagu EXCLUDED
Seventh Round

Chike Dike 568
Hasan Rehman 319
Gbenga Ibitoye 305
Kaz Rose Golzari 255

Leon Cambray 0
Leon Cambray EXCLUDED
Eighth Round

Chike Dike 603
Hasan Rehman 341
Gbenga Ibitoye 319

Kaz Rose Golzari 0
Kaz Rose Golzari EXCLUDED
Ninth Round

Chike Dike 663
Hasan Rehman 356

Gbenga Ibitoye 0
Gbenga Ibitoye EXCLUDED
Hasan Rehman EXCLUDED
Chike Dike ELECTED

VP Education

Total Ballots Cast 1749
Quota 874.5

First Round

Norah Valerie Deka 1164
Testimony Chikezie 554
Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) 31

Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) EXCLUDED
Testimony Chikezie EXCLUDED
Norah Valerie Deka ELECTED

VP Student Opportunities

Total Ballots Cast 1851
Quota 925.5

First Round

Holly Tyack 421
Ose Osadolor 365
Aina Oluwaseyi 335
Rita Chikeru Owhonda 293
Venkat Prashanth Mohan 156
Stephan Benedict Rodrigues 46
Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) 9

Second Round

Holly Tyack 421
Ose Osadolor 365
Aina Oluwaseyi 335
Rita Chikeru Owhonda 293
Ethan Overton 226
Venkat Prashanth Mohan 156
Stephan Benedict Rodrigues 46

Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) 0
Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) EXCLUDED
Third Round

Holly Tyack 426
Ose Osadolor 369
Aina Oluwaseyi 336
Rita Chikeru Owhonda 294
Ethan Overton 226
Venkat Prashanth Mohan 163

Stephan Benedict Rodrigues 0
Stephan Benedict Rodrigues EXCLUDED
Fourth Round

Holly Tyack 440
Ose Osadolor 375
Aina Oluwaseyi 345
Rita Chikeru Owhonda 303
Ethan Overton 232

Venkat Prashanth Mohan 0
Venkat Prashanth Mohan EXCLUDED
Fifth Round

Holly Tyack 469
Ose Osadolor 386
Aina Oluwaseyi 352
Rita Chikeru Owhonda 312

Ethan Overton 0
Ethan Overton EXCLUDED
Sixth Round

Holly Tyack 512
Ose Osadolor 408
Aina Oluwaseyi 388

Rita Chikeru Owhonda 0
Rita Chikeru Owhonda EXCLUDED
Seventh Round

Holly Tyack 545
Ose Osadolor 457
Aina Oluwaseyi 0

Ose Osadolor EXCLUDED
Aina Oluwaseyi EXCLUDED
Holly Tyack ELECTED

VP Welfare & Community

Total Ballots Cast 1795
Quota 897.5

First Round

Fatima Farha 666
Godwin Ukeje 462
Dimo Boychev 289
Ezra Cassidy 199
Michael Onuma 170
Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) 9

Second Round

Fatima Farha 666
Godwin Ukeje 462
Dimo Boychev 289
Ezra Cassidy 199
Michael Onuma 171

Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) 0
Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) EXCLUDED
Third Round

Fatima Farha 679
Godwin Ukeje 485
Dimo Boychev 295
Ezra Cassidy 207

Michael Onuma 0
Michael Onuma EXCLUDED
Fourth Round

Fatima Farha 706
Godwin Ukeje 500
Dimo Boychev 322

Ezra Cassidy 0
Ezra Cassidy EXCLUDED
Fifth Round

Fatima Farha 774
Godwin Ukeje 527
Dimo Boychev 0

Godwin Ukeje EXCLUDED
Dimo Boychev EXCLUDED
Fatima Farha ELECTED


Candidate Interviews with Nerve


Candidates for VP Education



Candidates for VP Student Opportunities



Candidates for VP Welfare & Community


Key Dates


Applications Open

16th January, 10am


Applications Close

10th February, 12 Midnight


Manifesto Deadline

20th February, 12 Midnight


Start of Campaiging and Manifestos Published

23rd February, 12 Midday


Candidate Q&A

24th February, 5pm


Polls Open

27th February, 10am


Polls Close

3rd March, 4pm


Announcement of Results

7th March, 6pm

The Roles

In this election, you’ll be electing your Full-Time Officers and NUS Delegates.

The Full-Time Officers are four elected students who represent all students at BU. Each role has a specific area they are responsible for. This is a Full-Time paid position, where if elected you'll be in post for one year from July 2023 . The roles available are SU President, Vice-President Education, Vice-President Student Opportunities and Vice-President Welfare and Community

The NUS Delegates represent Bournemouth students at the annual NUS Conference. At this conference, you'll get to decide the policy and campaigns for the National Union of Students for the next academic year. You''ll also be able to attend workshops, events and networking opportunities that relate to the student movement. The conference is set to take place in Harrogate from March 15th-16th 2023. You'll also need to be available to attend briefing sessions beforehand (most likely March 9th/10th).


The President

  1. Being the principal representative for the Union and Bournemouth University students, within the Union, University and wider community, except in areas covered by other Officer roles
  2. Being the main liaison with the University and an ex-officio member of the Bournemouth University Board of Governors
  3. Responsibility for the leadership and direction of the Union
  4. Chairing of the Board of Trustees
  5. Coordinating and ensuring the effective operation of the Officer team
  6. Working with Union staff members, particularly the Senior Leadership Team, to ensure the delivery of appropriate services and activities 
  7. Leading on national representation and campaigns to improve the student experience, unless specifically covered by other Officer roles
  8. Liaison with any subsidiary companies of the Union.


The Vice President Education

  1. Being the principal representative of Bournemouth University students in relation to their education, across all levels and modes of study, within the Union, University and wider community
  2. Coordinating the Union’s activity relating to improving student’s education
  3. Critically holding the University to account on all matters of education 
  4. Championing widening participation and the academic rights and interests of marginalised student communities.


The Vice President Student Opportunities

  1. Being the principal representative of Bournemouth University students in relation to clubs and societies, volunteering, fundraising, student development and employability, within the Union, University and wider community
  2. Coordinating the Union’s activity relating to enhancing student opportunities
  3. Critically holding the University to account on all matters of student opportunities
  4. Championing widening participation and increasing inclusivity and accessibility within the remit of student opportunities. 


The Vice President Welfare and Community

  1. Being the principal representative of Bournemouth University students in relation to welfare, community engagement and liberation, within the Union, University and wider community 
  2. Coordinating the Union’s activity relating to improving student welfare and community
  3. Critically holding the University to account on all matters of welfare and community
  4. Championing equality and diversity, and student wellbeing; including but not limited to mental health, physical health, safety and housing.


NUS Delegate x5

  1. Represent Bournemouth students at the annual NUS Conference on the 15-16th of March 2023
  2. Decide the policy and campaigns for the National Union of Students.
  3. Attend workshops, events and networking opportunities that relate to the student movement.
  4. Attend briefing sessions beforehand.

Please note, NUS require that 50% (rounded down) of the delegates we send to the National Conference must self-define as women or non-binary. 


Download a full copy here


Being a Full-Time Officer

Unique Experience

You’ll be the leader of the organisation, something very few students will be able to say upon leaving university! You’ll be a trustee and will have direct decision making powers when it comes to SUBU strategy.

Great Workplace

You’ll get to work at SUBU! You’ll also get paid £23,144, get 24 days holiday plus bank holidays, 3.5 days off over Christmas off AND you’ll get free entry to The Old Fire Station.

Active Role in the Student Community

You’ll be able to meet people from all parts of BU, and have a real impact that could last a life time.

Skills Development

You’ll develop key skills such as influencing, multi-tasking, organising, communication and negotiation skills, all of which looks great to future employers.


You’ll have a remit but your role is what you make of it. You get to set out what you want to do in your manifesto and when you are elected you get to make it happen!




Elections Information

Who can run?

Any current BU student, who is a member of SUBU can run to be a Full-Time Officer and NUS Delegate. You’ll need to be able to start full-time employment in early July 2023 for Full-Time Officer roles, so if you will still be enrolled in a programme at this time you will be expected to suspend your studies. If you have questions about pausing your studies, we recommend speaking to your programme lead, or you can have a chat with a member of the elections team!

To run for an NUS Delegate role, you'll need to be able to attend the conference in Harrogate between the 15th-16th of March 2023.

How do I run?

To run for one of the roles:

  • Head over to the Candidates Hub to find out more about being a candidate in the elections
  • Decide which role you want to run for by taking our 'Which Officer Are You' Quiz, attending a 'Want to be an Full-Time Officer' Session and reading the role descriptions
  • APPLY!
  • Attend training and write and submit your amazing manifesto by February 20th.
  • Attend the Elections Results Night 


The Students Union at Bournemouth University represents the student voice here at BU. Every BU student is automatically a member. As a student led organisation, you set the direction an make the big decisions about what we do, whether this be by running or voting in an election or participating in one of our other democratic forums such as the SUBU Summit, or evening talking to your Student Rep.

Every year you elect current students who are then responsible for representing 17,000 students views to the university. The Full-Time Officers lead this network of student volunteers and work full-time to ensure that your student life is the best it can possibly be- from campaigning on issues that you are facing on your course, locally and nationally. Whether you’re passionate about welfare and student rights, creating positive change, holding the University to account or just voting for the students who you want to represent you, this election is an opportunity to get your voice heard and make an impact on what matters to you at University. In these elections you’ll also be voting for your NUS National Conference Delegates, these are the individuals who will be representing you on a national scale, voting for the future NUS President and Vice Presidents, as well as voting on NUS Policy.

There are four officer positions, click here to find out more about them!

  • President
  • Vice-President Education
  • Vice-President Student Opportunities
  • Vice-President Welfare and Community
  • NUS Delegates

You cannot nominate yourself for more than one full-time officer role

Any current BU student, so it doesn’t matter whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate or part time of full time student.

Yes, full-time officers are remunerated. Their annual salary is £22,254. They also receive 24 days holiday, bank holidays and an additional 3.5 days over Christmas.

SUBU is there to represent all students, and HSS students are no different!

Breaks in all courses can be managed, although regulatory body practice requirements may need to be revisited on certain courses. You also have up to two years to register with the NMC and HCPC after finishing your course.

If you are interested contact to discuss further.

International Students are able to be a Full Time Officer and you are able to get a visa extension while you are in office. You can find out more information here.

You can find out more on the UKCISA website
If you are an international student who is interested in running please contact as soon as possible.

It’s really simple, all you need to do is submit your application by the 18th of February!

Yes, there are training opportunities during the elections period which will provide you with insights into SUBU and what it is like to be a full-time officer.

There are a range of other training opportunities throughout the election period, so head to the candidate hub to find out more.

If you are elected you will be provided with full training and induction programme organised by SUBU including a handover and external training. There will also be opportunities for further training throughout your year in post.

Your manifesto is how candidates sell yourself to students; it sets out their aims and priorities. Candidates manifesto becomes their promises to students about what they want to achieve if they are elected.

As a candidate you’ll be asked to submit a 300 word manifesto and a 50 word condensed manifesto. You don’t need to submit your manifesto when you submit your application but it must be submitted by the manifesto deadline on the 7th March 12 Midnight

In the context of elections, campaigning is what candidates do to get votes - it's not just handing out leaflets though! Successful candidates take time to listen and speak to students, find out about the current issues relevant to the role they're standing for and persuade voters with ideas and enthusiasm, not just trendy slogans or avalanches of tweets.

Check out the Candidate Hub to find out more information about campaigning.

You will spend one year in office beginning early July, you will then be entitled to run in the election for the following year. You are unable to be a full-time officer for more than 2 years.

Voting will take place online via the SUBU website. SUBU uses the Single Transferable Vote (STV system which provides voters with much more choice and influence. STV means that candidates do not need to win a majority, but instead must reach a quota/proportion of the vote. The quota is determined by the number of votes cast and the number of positions to be filled.

When voting students select their candidates in order of preference and are able to vote for as many or as few as they like. When the voting has closed, Candidates are excluded if it is impossible for them to reach the quota, their votes are then transferred in order of preference, this ensures that fewer votes are wasted.

In addition to the candidates in the election students are also able to select ‘no suitable candidate’

The Returning Officers and Deputy Returning Officers have the responsibility to uphold the Elections Regulations. The Returning Officer will be a representative from the NUS, and the Deputy Returning Officer is Charlotte Morris-Davis.

The Deputy Returning Officer will be the person you deal with on a day to day basis and they will be in contact with the Returning Officers as required.

If you need to get in touch contact

A complaint can be made about the action of a candidate, supporter or election official. Complaints must be submitted via the online form.

More information about the complaints process can be viewed in the Rules and Complaints section here


There are currently no events scheduled

Candidate Hub

The Candidates Hub is the essential place to head to for all the information that candidates need to run in this election! You'll find resources on campaigning, writing a manifesto and much much more

Candidate Hub



Regulations and Complaints

All SUBU elections should be free and fair, which is why we have rules which govern our elections. You can find out more about election regulations as well as viewing the complaints process here.


These Elections are overseen by:

NUS - Returning Officer who is an external, independent advisor, appointed to ensure that the election is run with third party scrutiny and expertise.

Kayleigh Heckford (SUBU) - Deputy Returning Officer who is the first point of contact, responsible for candidate engagement, day to day supervision and management of the election. The RO will be consulted by the DRO whenever they see necessary throughout the process.

Laura Greenwood-Pearsons (Brighton SU) - Independent Elections Adjudicator who is an external appeals body that is responsible for ruling on appeals.



The guiding principles of all SUBU elections are:

1. The law, University Policies and Union Regulations are all in full force and shall apply to SUBU elections

2. Students must be free to cast their vote without undue pressure or influence

3. Candidates must treat other candidates, students, staff and members of the public with respect

4. Candidates must not undermine the fair and democratic running of elections

5. Candidates must not do anything to gain an unfair advantage

6. Candidates must respect the campus environment and the community


Complaints Process

1. Complaints should be made in a timely manner and as close to the alleged rule break as possible

2. Complaints will be accepted up until one hour prior to the commencement of the count

3. Complaints must be submitted in writing, with additional evidence attached

4. Complaints made informally and without evidence shall not be heard

5. Once a complaint has been received the Returning Officers shall aim to investigate and resolve the complaint by 12pm the following working day

6. A complainant may appeal the decision of the Returning Officers. More information about complaints and appeals may be found in the Union’s bye-laws.

You must submit an elections complaint via this form. 

Contact info

 If you have any questions about the election process get in touch with the Elections Team at