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Why Should You Join Us:

1) All kinds of anime fans are welcome.

2) Experience new and classic shows on our weekly watch nights.

3) A great place to make new friends and talk about your favourite characters.

What do we do?

We welcome all anime fans whether they are veterans or have started watching it recently.

This is the perfect society to join to involve yourself with new shows and socialise with like-minded individuals.

We encourage you to get involved in our weekly watch nights, where we watch anime based on YOUR vote together. 

All of our On-Campus events other than our watch nights are quiz nights along with some gameshow nights on occasion.

We also host numerous events throughout the year which are Off-Campus trips to MCM Comic Con (the Birmingham and London Comicon)

As well as trips to bars and restaurants in Bournemouth.

When Do We Plan Meetups?

We have them all listed on our discord server

Price to Join?

Its only £3

Meet the Committee:

President:  Rebecca Blundell (She/Her)

Communications:  Qais-Aryan Singh (He/Him)

Treasurer:  Jaye Wright (He/Him)