Why Join Us?

1) An amazing way of making friends that will last

2) You'll always have fun people to go on nights out with 

3) You can socialise with new people from outside of your course

*once you become a member please message us on Facebook or Instagram to be added to the discord group chat! :)*

What do we do?

Our 5* star graded society is a perfect way of meeting new people and being social at uni - We are the biggest society at BU, with over 330 members in the past few years!

We guarantee 1 social per week including pre-drinks and games before Cameo on Wednesdays - this is the society club night where everyone is in fancy dress dancing the night away! We will also go to different club nights, host cocktail masterclasses, and sober socials including mini-golf, beach trips, bowling and quiz nights, among many other things. Join now and be part of a wholesome and inclusive group that always look out for each other.
*Details of all our events are posted in the discord chat which you can message us to join once you have paid membership :)*

We are an A-list varsity team - because we consider drinking a sport!!

This means we get extra perks on top of the normal A-list card benefits, including free entry to Cameo every Wednesday before 12 and society booths! Once you have paid for a membership, contact our Social Sec Lois on Instagram to find out more information and buy & collect one if you would like, we do recommend this, especially for the free queue jump to most clubs in Bournemouth :) more information: https://www.alist-card.com/ 

Messages from our members:

“Lots of drinking with a pretty cool bunch of people.”

"A new way to get involved in different things, there's something for everyone."

"A great way to make amazing memories and friends that will last a lifetime!"

"Vibes, vibes, vibes."

This is an inclusive group, you don't have to drink to join! Message us on one of our social media pages if you have any questions.

Upcoming Key Events:


We talk about our events in our member's group chat so make sure you message us to be added once you've paid for a membership :)

When and Where?

Various cocktail bars, pubs and nightclubs

Meet the Committee

President:  Mickey Roberts

Vice President: Casey Chapman

Communications:  Blaine Elson

Treasurer:  James McCarthy

Health & Safety:  Lewis Richards

Social Sec & Equipment Manager: Jessica Day

Wellbeing Officer: Alfie Wells