Cocktail & Mocktail Society

Why Join Us?

1) An amazing way of making friends that will last

2) You'll always have fun people to go on nights out with

3) You can socialise with new people from outside of your course

*once you become a member please message us on Facebook to be added to the group chat! :)*

What do we do?

Our society is a perfect way of meeting new people and being social at uni! We host 2-3 socials per week including pre drinks and games before Cameo on Wednesdays. This is the society club night where everyone is in fancy dress dancing the night away! We are also going to host cocktail masterclasses and sober socials including mini golf, beach trips, bowling and quiz nights. Join now and be part of a wholesome and inclusive group who are always looking out for each other.

*We are still powering through during COVID! We will be running online events and meeting in person for socials abiding with COVID guidelines but still just as fun!!*

Messages from our members:

“The sweetest group of alcoholics that you’ll meet on campus. Always ready to have fun.”

“Something for everyone, fun, friendly."


This is an inclusive group, if you don’t drink you can still join in! Message us on Facebook if you have any questions.

Upcoming Key Events:

Virtual freshers week social - virtual pre drinks and Q&A on Wednesday 30th September @ 7:30pm via Zoom (more details on Facebook)

When and Where?

Various cocktail bars, pubs and nightclubs

Meet the Committee

President:  Amy McMillan

Vice President: Lauren Cook

Communications:  Kimberly Bullard

Treasurer:  Andrew Carter

Health & Safety:  Chloe Pankhurst

Social Sec & Equipment Manager: Kameron Osborne




  • Cocktail & Mocktail - Pub Golf Wed 23 Oct 2019 - Route 1£0.00
  • Cocktail & Mocktail - Pub Golf Wed 23 Oct 2019 - Route 2£0.00
  • Cocktail & Mocktail - Pub Golf Wed 23 Oct 2019 - Route 3£0.00