The Psychology


The student market has many attributes that make it an ideal target market, such as being early adopters, the unique community environment at University, high disposable income and developing brand loyalty. 


Students are generally early adopters; experiencing a milestone in their life and real taste of independence 

For many students the first moments at University allows or even forces them to make their own choices, they decide what they think, what they do and more importantly for brands, what they buy or who they invest their time with. 


The nature of the University community environment allows for relationships between brand and students to take hold faster. 

All students live in a Community Environment, where brand activations spread like wildfire, a community of like minded individuals all going through a similar journey at the same time allows early adoption to take hold faster. 


There are many sources out there that show just how big the spending power of students is in the UK market.

UK Students put a jaw-dropping £23 billion into the economy each year. Of course the bulk of this is spent on accommodation, however it is estimated that students spend approximately £3.5 billion on food, £2 billion on entertainment and socialising and another £2 billion on non-essential items. 


After the first 3 months students’ choices start to form and brand association and loyalty starts to build. 

At the start of each year, around 18,000 new students arrive at Bournemouth University. They are about to make lifelong brand choices so it is imperative for brands to ensure their message is fun and engaging, showing their brands personality. 


If the youth market is your target market then you’ve come to the right place! The Students’ Union has direct contact to 18,000 Students, so advertising through SUBU gives you the opportunity to reach out to our students in a range of different ways. By marketing your brand, the Students’ Union will in affect be endorsing your brand or business to our students. 

SUBU is a non-profit charity, so the profit generated from external marketing and sponsorship goes back into our day to day work, improving the lives of our students and ensuring that we offer the necessary support to enable them to succeed.