Why Join BU Runners?

A great way to boost your fitness and improve your stamina!

A sociable, welcoming group of both new and experienced runners!

We offer a great variety of runs such as group ParkRun, campus runs, uphill, on the beach, and sometimes in new places like the New Forest! 

What We Do

Check our Weekly Timetable to see the following;

  • 2 Casual runs every week
    • Free of charge
    • Held at Talbot or Lansdowne Campus
  • 1 Weekly Social
    • Changing every week from a social involving alcohol to one not involving any (e.g. board games)
  • Participating in the Weekly ParkRun
    • Held every Saturday Morning (9am) at Kings Park Athletics Stadium
    • Join us every week to run and represent the society
    • Join us for tea and breakfast afterwards! A great way to debrief your week!
  • 1 Intermediate run every month
    • This is for those who are comfortable with doing 5KM, or more, but would like a group to run with
  • 1 Location-based run every month
    • In the past we’ve gone to running routes in Purbeck, the New Forest and Poole
    • If you know a great place to run, please let us know via email or a message through our socials

What You Can Expect

  • Short runs designed to be fun and rewarding
  • A relaxed group of welcoming members
  • Not to worry about your running ability as you can walk all campus runs
    • We want our "runs" to feel easy so we may add in games each session such as relays to "spice them up"

More Info:

We keep it fresh with a new timetable of runs every week! Like our Facebook page to stay updated and check our Instagram for pictures of our runs!

Come hang out with us at our weekly socials! We plan on doing outdoor meetups as well as pub and boardgame nights!

Have an idea for a run? Every 2 weeks we hold a club meeting to provide a great platform for our members to get involved with planning our activities!


Meet the Committee

Tom Moolenaar – President -> “Loves the colour orange as much as he loves running” – Dan 05/10/21

Daniel King – Secretary -> Breaker of the “how late you can submit a timetable” world record (WR - 3 days into the week)

Joe Barfoot – Treasurer -> Volleyball player here of his own free will….

Key Events

Cameo Wednesday Club Social

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