Chinese Society

Why Join Us?

1) Get to meet friendly Chinese people and understand their culture

2) Improve your UK culture experience with trips and events

3) Practice your Mandarin with native Chinese speakers

What do we do?

The Chinese Society exists to help people gain a greater understanding of Chinese culture.

We will be holding various cultural events including our famous Chinese New Year celebration or Soring Festival as it is known. We also seek to understand other cultures, particularly the UK, so we arrange trips to culturally significant places in the UK which could be anything from a famous castle to a food festival.

Join us to have a great cultural experience from Asia and the UK !

Key Events

New Year Gala (Feb 2019)

When and Where?

See Facebook Group for details

Meet the Committee

President:  Kaiti Shang

Communications:  Shuyue Ni

Treasurer:  Xueqian Deng

Health & Safety:  Kevin Hunt

Equipment & Events:  Tobe Zhang