Midwifery Society

Why Join Us?

1) Support and advice

2) Make new friends

3) Raise money for local and worldwide maternity charities

What do we do?

The Midwifery Society aims to bring together students from across each cohort to offer support and advice, aiming to make new friends and form support networks.

We will be hosting study days and events relevant to the future of midwifery and our careers, as well as socials and events to have some fun, on what we all know can sometimes be a challenging course!

All of our events will also support and raise money for local and worldwide maternity charities.

If you are interested in getting involved or have any requests for study days or events, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

DISCLAIMERS: ? REFUNDS:? due to the nature of our payment system via SUBU we are unable to offer refunds on our event tickets. However we will accept you selling your tickets to others provided you let us know who you have sold to. ? TICKET DEADLINES:? please purchase your tickets in the time specified on our event pages/advertisements. We usually give specific deadlines for ticket sales if we need to provide external venues with party numbers or menu choices. For on-campus events tickets can usually be sold until the day of the event.  ? MEMBERSHIPS: 1) All SUBU society memberships last for the academic year, from September to June. This means you will be unable to purchase members tickets after this time. To help this we aim to release tickets for these events well in advance of the memberships running out. Please purchase tickets in this advance time as we cannot extend them or sell members tickets to you without a membership.  2) We cannot offer refunds for society memberships at any point in the year, and the full price of the membership stands throughout the year (e.g. will cost £10 no matter when you purchase).


Key Events

Study days, documentary screenings and other academic/midwifery events (throughout the year), Christmas meal (December), End of year ball (September) 

When and Where?

Lansdowne Campus

Meet the Committee

President:  Kelsey Mackie 

Communications:  Clare Edwards

Treasurer: Tabby Bogdanova

Health & Safety:  Georgia Heckford

Equipment & Events:  Helen Fisher-Pearson