Welcome to the Scandinavian Society!


We are your family away from home. We are a group of Scandinavian people, and people interested in the Scadinavian/Nordic countries that moved to the UK just to realise that we couldn't live without our fellow viking people. The society will be a place where we can meet, drink and celebrate ALL of the different traditions and celebrations from the Nordic countries. Including national days, midsommar, julebord and all of the other events we would like to celebrate. 

If you're not Scandinavian but just interested in learning about the culture, then what could better than joining our society? 

Hope to see you this year, you'll find us at the Freshers Fair.


Our Aims & Objectives

1.) To bring together Scandinavian students/ students with an interest in Scandinavia

2.) To celebrate Scandinavian traditions

3.) To share Scandinavian culture


Meet the Committee

President:  Kitty Leigh

Communications:   Synne Strømmen

Treasurer:   Anni Emilia Jortikka

Health & Safety:   Ellinor Høgmo Andersen

Equipment & Events:   Elísabet Arna Þórðardóttir


Get in touch to find out more about us and joining!....