Women in Business Society

Society Description

At BU Women in Business, we aim to empower female students and support them in pursuing a successful career in business or finance.

By arranging extensive and varied events such as: networking sessions, presentations and workshops, all members will have the opportunity to improve their business acumen and capture a competitive edge that will help in any industry. We strive to provide our members with exceptional opportunities to grow their network by learning directly from alumni, professionals and experienced students. Subsequently, this will provide our members with the confidence to take on the challenging positions that potential employers look to fill.

Our members will get valuable support in pursing their career choices or simply educated on any opportunities that may be of interest. We are open to any course, but our workshops and networking events will be tailored towards: business, investment, wealth management, accounting and marketing.

By joining this society, you will become a strong advocate for change, collaboration and diversity within the business industry and help women empowerment become a living reality!


Why Join Us?

  1. You will have the opportunity to improve your business acumen and capture the competitive edge that will help you in any cut-throat industry.

  2. By learning more and gaining additional skills, we will help enhance both your personal and professional development and do our best to help you secure a great internship, placement or graduate job.

  3. You will get the opportunity to build an extensive network with various professionals from top employers as well as build relationships with other like-minded individuals. It is a perfect opportunity to get your name out there to potential employers!


Key Events

Freshers Fair - 26th Septemebr @ 10am - 3pm

Meet & Greet - 1st October @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm (Zoom ID TBA)

Keep checking the SUBU website and our Instagram page for further details.


When and Where?

Most of our events will be held on Talbot Campus.

Events may also be held in Bournemouth or London Venues. 


Meet the Committee

President: Chelsea-Lea Bates

Communications Executive: Dannielle Gilligan

Treasurer: Ella Cowan 

Heath & Safety Officer: Kathryn Armstrong

Social Manager: Victoria Hargreaves 

Marketing Executives: Chloe Gaze & Olivia Broadrick