Women in Engineering Society

Why Join Us?

1) Plenty of networking opportunities within and outside the university.

2) We are a community and family who want to help each other into their engineering careers.

3) We have weekly socials, providing a social and academic advantage.

What do we do?

Women in Engineering Society is a platform of opportunities for those who study engineering subjects. Informing others of the opportunities that are available after and during university. We plan to have debates and discussions around engineering as well as plan various daytrips. Empowering women never to give up and give a haven to those that are discouraged. 

Key Events

WES Wednesdays - Game nights

When and Where?

Wednesdays at 7pm via the Zoom link on our Facebook page 

Meet the Committee

President:  Emma Latham

Communications/Secretary: Maeve Namous

Treasurer:  Elisabetta Della Giustina 

Health and Safety: Tharushi Perera

Events and Equipment: Laura Hardy 



  • WES T-shirt£15.00