Here you can view the progress we have made in fulfilling motions which have been passed at the Big Student Meeting.


People’s Vote

SUBU voted to affiliate with the Peoples Vote campaign and work with other SU’s across the UK. Your Full-Time Officers attended a regional network to discuss how they could work more closely together to ensure that students’ voices are included in these discussions. A subsequent motion was submitted to the Big Student Meeting proposing that SUBU should organise a free coach for BU students to attend the People’s Vote demonstration in March, which was provided.


Plastics Policy

SUBU implemented a plastics policy at the last Big Student Meeting. Since then, no more single use cutlery has been purchased by SUBU and a wooden recyclable version is now provided instead. A 30p fee has been introduced on all disposable coffee cups to encourage students to use a reusable cup instead.



A motion passed to make the Housing fair bigger and better by inviting external agents and creating a SUBU strategy/ policy that ensures that students have all the information they’ll need when making housing decisions.

Since then SUBU has successfully run a housing fair where external agents attended. Further to this, your VP Community has been working closely with SUBU Advice to ensure that all students are informed. In 2019/20 there will be two more housing fairs, the first of which took place earlier in November.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

A motion passed that SUBU should prioritise information and action around the UN Sustainable Development Goals up to 2030. SUBU has since ensured that all our events align with at least two of the Sustainable Development Goals. We have also achieved ‘excellent’ in the UN’s Green Impact Award which is awarded based on an organisations ability to show how they are committed to being environmentally and socially conscious practices.


Executive Planning

SUBU voted to support Executive Planning. This meant that more was done to ensure that the Full-Time Officer’s manifestos were tied into departmental work, and made sure that the Full Time Officers worked more closely together.

Since then, the FTO’s have been working more closely with the departments to ensure that there is more alignment within SUBU. The Full Time Officers are also working on a joint campaign this year entitled More Than My Degree that will be launched after Christmas.