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Would YOU like the chance to represent your University on a national level? Would you like to have your say on decisions that will shape Students’ Unions all over the country? Then why not become one of this year’s NUS Delegates and vote on important matters that affect you and your peers.


What is NUS?

The National Union of Students is a voluntary membership organisation which makes a real difference to the lives of students and its member students' unions, they represent the interests of more than seven million students.

What is the NUS National Conference?

The NUS National Conference takes place once a year and is where over 1200 students from across the country meet to decide who will lead NUS and what campaigns they will work on. It sets policy for the year ahead in each of the 5 zones (Society & Citizenship, Higher Education, Further Education, Welfare, and Union Development) and elects NUS President, Vice Presidents and Block of 15 representatives on the NUS National Executive Council. 

What is the Role?

These elections decide which students will represent Bournemouth University Students' Union. It will then be their responsibility to attend the conference on behalf of SUBU and represent all of our students' voices and opinions.

SUBU are entitled to 5 delegates (including your Students' Union President). These Delegates will then be asked to attend the NUS Annual Conference in Liverpool.

We cover the cost of accomodation and travel, so there will no personal costs for the Delegates whilst attending the conference.

 What's Involved?

At the conference you'll be expected to:

1. Vote on Motions

Students from all over the country have the chance to submit motions (ideas) that will get discussed at the conference. It is up to our delegates to represent the students of BU and to vote for or against these motions. If the majority of delegates present at the conference vote to pass a motion, it will become NUS policy.

2. Vote in Elections

During the National Conference, the future leaders of NUS are elected. This includes the president, vice presidents, trustees and other important roles.

3. Vote on Reports

NUS present various reports during the conference. These include reports from the elected leaders and reports on their finances and estimates for the following year. Delegates at the conference can vote whether to approve these reports or not.

WHEN: Tuesday 31st March - Thursday 2nd April

WHERE: The Arena and Convention Centre, Liverpool

  • Nominations open: 6th Jan 9am
  • Nominations close: 20 Jan 12pm
  • Voting open 27th Jan at 10am
  • Voting close 28th Jan at 4pm
  • Results: 29th Jan