Ade Balogun



About Me

Holla everyone!! I’m Adeyinka, but preferably called Ade, and I’m your Students’ Union president. I've just finished my masters of Management in Human Resources. I spent the last year being a key member of the Executive Committee and Lansdowne Council, which has been both engaging and fun. I enjoy watching football team #Chelsea, but I still find myself watching other games. I enjoy interacting with people and watching Marvel movies.

I am anticipating that both our freshers and returning students have the best experience through the academic year. Do feel free to pop into our office and have a chat, you can find me on the first floor of the Students Centre.

My favourite thing about Bournemouth and Dorset: 

The Beach and spending time with friends at unique events.  My hobbies are travelling, and one of my favourite places is Barcelona. I definitely recommend anyone to try it out, and if you do go, try out the Garraf Island and try the Sea foods which are delicious.  


My  Plans & Progress



I will put forward a survey on what food can be improved at Dylan's Bar to ensure the food is of good quality and is affordable to all students.

I am working with SUBU debate to uphold free speech in all debate forums and also work with other officers to support all clubs and societies in ensuring there is a safe environment for students to express themselves.

I will campaign nationally with other student Union officers on national issues on fees and Housing in guaranteeing students needs on accommodation are put forward to the government.

I will Work with relevant staff within SUBU and BU in raising awareness on Mental Health to gain practical support for students more importantly give information on Mental Health services and wellbeing of the students.

Campaign nationally for Post Study Visa with vital officers for international students in ensuring they gain work experience after their different course.

Improve on the communication medium to the student’s body in ensuring the students are more aware of all the services and support available to them.