Ade Balogun



About Me

Holla everyone!! I’m Adeyinka, but preferably called Ade, and I’m your Students’ Union president. I've just finished my masters of Management in Human Resources. I spent the last year being a key member of the Executive Committee and Lansdowne Council, which has been both engaging and fun. I enjoy watching football team #Chelsea, but I still find myself watching other games. I enjoy interacting with people and watching Marvel movies.

I am anticipating that both our freshers and returning students have the best experience through the academic year. Do feel free to pop into our office and have a chat, you can find me on the first floor of the Students Centre.

My favourite thing about Bournemouth and Dorset: 

The Beach and spending time with friends at unique events.  My hobbies are travelling, and one of my favourite places is Barcelona. I definitely recommend anyone to try it out, and if you do go, try out the Garraf Island and try the Sea foods which are delicious.  


My  Plans & Progress



Students and Staff provided with free sanitary products on campus – Lansdowne and Talbot. Launched in the Green Day back in October, promoting how to have a sustainable period. All sanitary products we used have minimal plastic and are provided partly by the Redbox project.
Sanitary products are available to all students and staff members on both campuses. The accessibility of the sanitary products in the Lansdowne campus is under review.
Linking Street Support to Period Poverty – I am working with the Charity ‘Redbox Project’ who provide free sanitary products to those who need them to provide donation Hubs in the new building – target Lansdowne – possible working group/Ambassadors who would support this and checkboxes and distribute a small amount of donations to Street Support – still working with the Street Support Planning Group to see how the logistics will work

Working with the VP’s (Welfare and community) with Global Talent, BU Mobility Team, SUBU Commercials, Chartwells catering, SportBU, and Activities Department. In securing the best day possible than the previous year . One World will be launching on March 24th,2020. And the theme for the year is Global Success, focusing on One Passion, One People, and One Planet

In recent years as a student, they have been conservations had on securing another date for graduation, primarily to help international students who miss their ceremony due to VISA expiring and home students who have to leave their various workplace to come down for the ceremony as well and other for the seen circumstance.
With the introduction of the post-study work visa, a decision has been reached to implement in 2021 if the Post Study Work Visa isn't implementing yet.

Engaged with the SUBU Debate champions in ensuring we have difficult conservation in educating one another the university is a venue where we can have a healthy debate without having any confrontations or biased mindset.
Working with the D&C department on training champions Students who are bold enough in championing these conservations.

Work with the NUS, other Students Union and relevant organization in bringing back the post-study work VISA that was crabbed in 2012.
During Summer the government has promised to bring back the post-study work visa and we are all expecting them to implement it in due time, hoping this will be in the table for discussion in due time for implementation in the parliament.

A non-competitive sports league that enables students to participate in organized sports matches in an accessible and fun environment. This is particularly targeted at International students and others. The campaign will be launched from March 2-7 during the University mental health week. YouTube Link