Lenrick Greaves

VP Education


About Me

Hi, I’m Lenrick (feel free to Call me Lenny) and I’m your Vice President of Education. As VP Education, I represent all students academically across both BU campuses, ensuring that your academic experience at Bournemouth University is the best it can be.


I live this motto: ‘Your degree cannot guarantee you success’. Therefore, I will work closely with SUBU and BU staff to ensure you get the best out of your university experience.


My initial involvement with our union was during my second year of studying communications and media when I was elected as Black Students’ Campaign officer. As a result of this experience, I ran and then became elected as one of SUBU’s first-ever placement Full-time officers for 2018/19. This year (19/20), I aim to continue to represent and advocate for your needs and wants as a BU student. I’ll continue to work diligently to dismantle any barrier to education that you may face, whilst at BU.



My Plans & Progress