Lenrick Greaves

VP Education


About Me

Hi, I’m Lenrick (feel free to Call me Lenny) and I’m your Vice President of Education. As VP Education, I represent all students academically across both BU campuses, ensuring that your academic experience at Bournemouth University is the best it can be.


I live this motto: ‘Your degree cannot guarantee you success’. Therefore, I will work closely with SUBU and BU staff to ensure you get the best out of your university experience.


My initial involvement with our union was during my second year of studying communications and media when I was elected as Black Students’ Campaign officer. As a result of this experience, I ran and then became elected as one of SUBU’s first-ever placement Full-time officers for 2018/19. This year (19/20), I aim to continue to represent and advocate for your needs and wants as a BU student. I’ll continue to work diligently to dismantle any barrier to education that you may face, whilst at BU.



My Plans & Progress



  • Over the summer, SUBU’s Student Engagement Department was restructured; the rationale for this was a strategic desire to strengthen SUBU’s student voice and democracy functions.
  • The restructure of the rep system aims to equip and empower our reps to collect, represent and share student experiences to/with SUBU and The University. The rep system now has a clear and effective 3-tier leadership approach which efficiently collects student experiences. They are Student Reps, Department Reps and Faculty Reps.
  • In terms of moving forward, I have arranged a meeting with the Student Voice Manager to iron out some creases within the rep cycle, i.e. internal faculty rep elections amongst departmental reps have not yet taken place, consequently leaving some of our departmental reps dissatisfied and confused. Furthermore, I would like to arrange a rep event (based on faculties) to build upon inter-rep rapport and to build on my relationship with Reps as VP Education.
  • I and the SU President have been very active in supporting the People’s Vote (as mandated by previous/current BSM policy) and seeking answers from the institution on how Brexit (if it happens) will affect our Student Body, specifically our International Students. We have also travelled to Bristol SU, along with other Students’ Union FTO teams, to share resources and strategies that we could implement on our various campuses that will empower our students. Finally, I had the chance to Chair this year’s University Question Time, in which I had the opportunity to directly ask our University Leadership on all things Brexit and how Brexit could potentially affect our international Students and Staff.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJIvzXd7p2g
  • Last year, I introduced the national campaign ‘Why is my curriculum white?’ (WIMCW), which caused great discussion online and on-campus. This campaign allowed me to be involved in programme reviews and team meetings within the University to introduce my work to make our curriculum more inclusive.
  • This year to develop my work; I have set up a WIMCW Steering group. The WIMCW Steering Group membership includes SUBU’s Head of Student Voice and Policy, Policy Advisor, Democracy and Campaigns Manager, Full-time officers and has now been extended to SUBU’s Executive Officers. The key upcoming priorities are: to explore the related policies and training provided by BU and SUBU in relation to race and diversity; to produce the report on my research into the Lived Experiences of Black, Minority and Ethnic students; and to continue the collaborative working with BU’s Equality and Diversity Adviser to ensure opportunities to link and share work are maximised.
  • Finally, I have the opportunity to conduct training sessions for Student Advisers on BU Programme Review panels, to ensure that programme curriculums are not only inclusive and fit for professional practice but to ensure that workloads and assessments are realistic for our Students
  • I have met with the Head of careers and employability to kick start conversations to solve student issues in regards to placement experiences. I will be holding meetings with Placement Development Advisors and conducting surveys with 3rd years who have returned from placements to gather various placement experiences to provide the necessary recommendations to BU.
  • In the meantime, I will be promoting placement opportunities provided by BU to ensure students on/going on placements are aware of the support and opportunities that are available for them
  • I am working in partnership with the HSS ADSE aiming to reduce as many HSS courses as possible to have no post-1pm Wednesday classes.
  • I have had conversations with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor on the practicality of this manifesto point. He concluded that he does agree with the rationale of this manifesto point and it is something that he does endorse, however; he stated that students will not have a fixed day in the week that would be lecture-free, thus providing a lot of inconsistencies within in their timetables. I now have to go back to the drawing board with Student consultation on what approach I should take considering the issue of timetabling inconsistencies that is now presented.
  • It is positive that I do have the support of the University Leadership regarding this.
  • I have had the opportunity to be involved in the 6c (Principles of Assessment Design) policy implementation. This policy mandates course designers to follow certain regulations which makes sure that assessments are not only appropriate but to make sure workloads are manageable for BU students. ‘BU supports the principle of assessment for learning rather than the assessment of learning’; ensuring that assessments are for the benefit of student learning, understanding and outcomes.
  • I also have the opportunity to conduct training sessions for Student Advisers on BU Programme Review panels, to ensure that programme curriculums are not only inclusive and fit for professional practice but to ensure that workloads and assessments are realistic for our Students