Consumer helpline: 03454 04 05 06

The Consumer Helpline is open 09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday (closed on bank holidays) and can help you with practical and impartial advice on how to resolve your consumer problems. It can also point out the laws that apply to your situation and pass on your complaints to Trading standards (you cannot do this yourself). The Consumer Helpline cannot take legal action or make a complaint for you, unless the complaint is to Trading Standards.


Trading standards

You  should report a company to trading standards if :

  • they misled you into buying their products or services
  • they sold you unsafe or dangerous items
  • they didn’t carry out the work properly, for example, their work left your home in a dangerous state
  • they sold you fake or counterfeit items
  • they pressured you to buy something you didn’t want to buy
  • they sold you a car that wasn't 'roadworthy' (it would cause danger if it was on the road)

You can report a company to Trading Standards via the Consumer helpline.



Ombudsman services are there to give you independent, free and impartial advice about a complaint without going to court. There are a number of Ombudsman and to find the one you need in particular please click here.



If you feel you have been treated unfairly by anyone providing goods and services and it felt like it was because of who you are, it may be unlawful discrimination. Please seek further support either via SUBU advice or Citizens Advice.