Policies and Procedures

Disputing mobile, phone, internet or tv bill

Double check your bill before disputing it. There may be a genuine reason (E.g you paid for premium items such as radio competitions) so ensure you check. A letter can be sent or email – this is a useful template – ensure you use dates and evidence to back up your claims. You can also do this by phone via the company however its best to have it in writing, although the response takes a bit longer.

Stop nuisance calls or texts

The best way to stop these calls and texts if to register your number with the Telephone Preference Service – with the new regulations for Data Protection at the end of May 2018 you won’t be contacted by anyone unless you have agreed for them to store your details. To stop a nuisance text from a service provider you can text STOP to any text. Unfortunately if they are reminder texts for bills they will not stop until contact is made.


Cancelling a phone, TV, internet or mobile contact

If you have signed up in the last 14 days you have the legal right to cancel. This stands if you signed up online or over the phone. To do this contact the company and say you wish to cancel under the 14 day cooling off period. If you send this in an email or post, the day you send is your official end date. The 14 day cooling off period dones't apply if you have signed up in person. However, it is still worth asking.


Energy complaints

In the first instance it's important you raise your complaint with the energy provider directly. Check out their website for contact details and their complaints process. Ensure you are clear about what the issue is and be aware that it can take them up to eight weeks to come to a decision. Ensure you keep a note of the date, time and person you speak with when call them. If you would like help with writing a letter then you can use the template letter provided by Citizens Advice. You can also check out this great video guide created by Ofgem. 


Complaint about water or sewerage company

In the first instance it's important you raise your complaint with the water company directly. Check out their website for contact details and their complaints process. If you are not happy with the outcome of your complaint you can ask for one of the companies senior managers to review the complaint. If, after this, you are still disatified you can take your complaint to the Consumer Council for Water who will investigate it, and may need to refer you to another organisation such as Ofwat or WATRS.


Financial issues

It’s always best to contact the company as soon as you can if you get into financial trouble. They can support you to set up a payment plan of what you owe. They will work out your current usage and what you owe to come up to a reasonable payment that you can afford. If you have a contract you can leave early however this may incur costs. Sometimes returning the phone can take these down and purchasing a cheaper phone would be better.


If your struggling with debt you can seek support via the Money Advice ServiceStepchange or National Debtline.