Below we have provided some useful information for committee members during COVID19.

This page will be regularly updated in line with Government advice and guidelines.

Latest Update: 19th April 2021

On Monday 22nd February, the Prime Minister presented his roadmap for the country to move out of lockdown and you can find the full details on the website.

Some of the rules on what you can and cannot do will change in the coming weeks. You can read the ‘COVID-19 Response - Spring 2021’ for more information on the roadmap out of lockdown in England.

From 12th April:

  •  Indoor sport facilities can open to the public for certain activities. This applies to most indoor sport and physical activity facilities, including gyms and leisure centres, sport courts and pitches, dance studios and fitness studios, climbing walls and climbing wall centres, and swimming pools.
  • Indoor sport facilities can only be used for individual activity or for activities by people from the same household (or support/childcare bubble). Personal training and coaching can take place either 1:1 or within households/bubbles. Group activities and exercise classes are not otherwise permitted for adults.

From 29th March:

  • You will be able to meet outdoors either in a group of 6 (from any number of households), or in a group of any size from up to 2 households (each household can include existing support bubbles, if eligible).
  • You will be able to take part in formally organised outdoor sports with any number of people (outdoor sports venues and facilities will be able to reopen).
  • Sports clubs must refer to their NGBs specific return to play COVID guidelines on how to return safely.
  • Campus however remains CLOSED and we hoped to update you on it's re-opening by WC 19th April- after the Easter break. 


Online/ Virtual Activities

Check out 101 online event ideas for inspiration! 

Virtual Varsity

  • Set up online activities that your members can take part in or you could reach out to other SUBU clubs and socs to compete in virtual challenges. Examples of activities could include…
    • Quizzes
    • Online Gaming Competitions (e.g.FIFA)
    • Scavenger Hunts
    • Challenges

Online Platforms

  • Use the BU Zoom subscription to hold online sessions that are longer than 45 minutes long. Alternatively, try using other platforms such as MS Teams or Skype.
    • For example, Yoga club have been holding weekly classes during lockdown for their members
  • You can also use these online platforms to hold live try outs/ auditions where possible or ask members to record their auditions separately and send them to the committee.
  • Run online quizzes using ‘Kahoot’. It’s simple and easy to set up and loads of people can join in at once.
  • Ask your members to share their favourite moments from socials or activities to spread some positivity on your social media pages and to also show new members what you’re all about!

Health and Wellbeing

  • Check in with your members to see if you are all ok. You may not be meeting as regularly as before and some members may be really missing this contact! Keep your community that you’ve worked so hard to build up alive.
  • As you can’t hold as many face to face socials, it may be nice to hold socials where members can drop in and out for a chat with not defined activity or agenda.