Below we have provided some useful information for committee members during COVID19.

This page will be regularly updated in line with Government advice and guidelines.

Latest Update: 10th September 2020

Advice & Guidance for Activities

  • Following updates on COVID Government guidelines, from Monday 14 September, you must not meet with people from other households socially in groups of more than 6. This will apply indoors and outdoors, including in private homes.
  • The Government guidelines also states that groups of up to 6 must not mix or form larger groups. (For example you cannot have several groups of 6 that are social distancing from each other).
  • Any activity or event that has been organised to take place off campus and in the public domain must not exceed 6 people.
    • If you have booked an external venue, you must follow their specific guidelines.
    • If you are planning an event that is outdoors in the community we suggest that you cancel or re-think any such event to be run online.
  • As outlined by the Government, there are a few exemptions to this as below;
    • Educational settings- if you book a room on campus to hold an activity or a meeting, you can do so in a group larger than 6, adhering to the room’s maximum capacity outlined by the university. See the new room booking procedures below.
    • Organised team sports- these can take place in groups of more than 6 people, following the guidance of your NGB and applying COVID secure practices.

Face to Face Activities


  • Complete an additional risk assessment for each event/ activity you hold. 

  • All activities must be carried out at a 2m social distance.

  • Ensure you track which of your members attend events or activities so that in the event of a participant contracting COVID19, you can inform those who many have been in contact with them. Use the Clubs and Socs Track & Trace Record Template.

  • If a member of your club/ society reports COVID symptoms or tests positive, please follow the below steps;

    • Inform the Student Opportunities Team at

    • Follow the BU guidance here

  • Ensure that where possible you have appropriate PPE such as face masks available or suggest that participants bring their own.

  • Ensure that where necessary each participant uses their own equipment and if equipment must be shared, conduct a thorough clean.

Specific Guidance for Sports Clubs

  • Please check in regularly with the advice given by your National Governing Body and adhere to their plans for return to play.
  • Consider the whole end-to-end ‘user journey’ when planning safe operating practices; this means all activities from the time of arrival on site to leaving, not just the sporting activity.
  • We have created a spreadsheet here to help you keep up to date.

On Campus Facilities/ Room Bookings

  • Room bookings should be made following the Clubs & Societies room booking form Although no firm bookings can be made currently, please send in your requests as these can be kept pending. 
  • The following restrictions will apply;
    • 2m social distancing must be adhered to
    • The maximum capacity of the room must be adhered to
    • It is advised that booking are made between 7pm and 9pm to allow for better availability
    • The maximum booking time is 2 hours again to allow for better availability
    • Reoccurring bookings will not be accepted
    • Bookings need to be made 4 weeks in advance
  • No room booking will be accepted unless you have completed a risk assessment and emailed this to
  • On Campus room capacities are here. Plan to run your activities online in the first instance with physical activity being your plan B. 
  • Facilities such as SportBU are slowly beginning to open up. Please see the capacities of their rooms below;
    • Sports Halls- 10 people per court
    • Stuido 1- 11 people
    • Studio 2- 7 people
  • In the event of a breach of social distancing or BU & Goverment COVID guidelines, Committee Members will be asked to attend a meeting with the Student Opportuntiites team where necessary action will be taken depending on the severity of the breach.

Online/ Virtual Activities

Virtual Varsity

  • Set up online activities that your members can take part in or you could reach out to other SUBU clubs and socs to compete in virtual challenges. Examples of activities could include…
    • Quizzes
    • Online Gaming Competitions (e.g.FIFA)
    • Scavenger Hunts
    • Challenges

Online Platforms

  • Use the BU Zoom subscription to hold online sessions that are longer than 45 minutes long. Alternatively, try using other platforms such as MS Teams or Skype.
    • For example, Yoga club have been holding weekly classes during lockdown for their members
  • You can also use these online platforms to hold live try outs/ auditions where possible or ask members to record their auditions separately and send them to the committee.
  • Run online quizzes using ‘Kahoot’. It’s simple and easy to set up and loads of people can join in at once.
  • Ask your members to share their favourite moments from socials or activities to spread some positivity on your social media pages and to also show new members what you’re all about!

Health and Wellbeing

  • Check in with your members to see if you are all ok. You may not be meeting as regularly as before and some members may be really missing this contact! Keep your community that you’ve worked so hard to build up alive.
  • As you can’t hold as many face to face socials, it may be nice to hold socials where members can drop in and out for a chat with not defined activity or agenda.