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Community Wardens and Living in the Community

At SUBU we help students settle into living in the community with our Community Warden Scheme run by SUBU, BU and AUB and supported by Bournemouth Borough Council. The Wardens are a team of students paid to work each week, patrolling the main student roads in Winton, Wallisdown and Charminster. They are there to support both students and permanent residents, and to help them integrate together in the local community.
They can help you with anything related to housing; from dealing with landlords and estate agents to noise, parking, bins or burglaries.
Alma, Bemister, Bingham, Bishop, Calvin, Cardigan, Cranmer, Crichel, Crimea, Fitzharris, Hankinson, Junction, Latimer, Leamington, Luther, Markham, Maxwell, Muscliffe, Parker, Ridley, Somerley, Trafalgar, Truscott, Waterloo, Wycliffe.
Abbot, Acland, Alma, Brownen, Charminster, Firbank, Ftizharris, Frampton, Green, Hankinson, Heron Court, Loaders, Lynwood, Maxwell, Murley, Pine, Rutland, Seaton.
Benmore, Castle, Charminster, Clifford, Clive, Denmark, Gresham, Kilmarnock, Midland, Muscliffe, Norway, Pine, Portland, Ripon, Shirley, Southill, Strouden, Sutton.
Balfour, Bloomfield, Brassey, Coronation, Derwent, Easter, Evelyn, Garth, King Edward, King George, Kinglsey House, Limited, Malvern, Mayfield, McWilliam, Moorfield, Muscliffe, Naseby, Old St Johns Mews, Queen Mary, Rose, Rosebud.


Get in touch:
You can contact the Community Wardens here, or you can follow them on Twitter here to stay up to date. 
Please note that this email address should not be used to formally report incidents of noise or anti-social behaviour; such reports should be made to BCP Council via this link.

You can become a Student Community Warden

If you are a student at Bournemouth University and have lived in Bournemouth for one year or more, you can apply to become a Student Community Warden. This role is paid, 7-10 hours per week, and if you would like an outdoor job, and enjoy meeting people, it's for you!
For further details, look on or SUBU Jobs page on the link at the bottom of this page.
If you have any questions about the role, you can email