At SUBU we are consious of our impacts on the environment, we have completed a National Union of Student's Green Impact Award for over 10 years, this year we recieved an Excellent accreditation. We also form part of the ISO14001:2015 certification that the university submit. 

Get Involved with the Sustainability Action Hub

The student led Sustainability Action Hub works to improve the environment both at BU and in the local community and raise awareness of all Green issues, students can actively help through a variety of activities, ranging from beach cleans to campaigning on campus. 

They host several annual events on campus, as well as advocating for national awareness days. In 2018, there was our annual Community Awards celebration which thanks all students for everything they do in the community to be more sustainable. 

To get involved please contact Gillie at 

SUBU and The Sustainable Development Goals 

At SUBU we are looking at integrating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into everything we do, these goals do not only focus on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Clean Oceans but also have a strong focus on Social Justice campaigns such as Gender Equality and Quality Education. 

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Your Full Time Officers

Your VP Community works to ensure the union works towards its main strategic aims. This includes our promise to be “ethical and environmental in all its activities”.

Your Sustainability Action Hub Chair

The Chair is elected by students, they represent students on sustainability issues.

Their main responsibilities are to raise awareness of environmental issues and run campaigns.