BU hit with tough defeat to begin basketball season

Team BU kicked off the season with a 25 point loss at home to Southampton Solent on Monday. Glimmers of excellence ultimately fell short as they couldn't keep up with their competitors.

Team BU in huddle Sport BU basketball team | By Matt Turnill

Glimmers of excellence ultimately fell short as Team BU couldn't keep up with their competitors.

Bournemouth University came out the blocks fast, with 2 quick 3 pointers from Johnson. A flustered Solent team couldn't keep up with the well worked inbounds of BU and called the first timeout of the game with a 5 point deficit.

The full court defense played by Solent after this timeout however, changed the course of the game. Double teams and agressive rebounding defined the last half of the first quarter, ending with Solent up 22-19.

The second quarter saw more of the same. While there were flashes of class from BU players, particularly number 2, Johnson, a scoreless run ended it 34-47 in favour of Solent by half-time.

Southampton's Thompson proved to be a major problem for the Sport BU defense in the third. Kicking off the quarter with a three pointer, no one seemed to be able to stop him before a commanding block by BU's Nwokolo pulled them back on track.

Some stellar ball movement from BU made it seem as if a comeback may be on. Yet this was too little too late, as the third quarter ended 54-77.

The fouth quarter allowed BU to showcase some skills which had been lacking earlier in the game. BU's Kirkley showed desire getting to the line, while Johnson continued his shooting performance.

Once again however it felt as if BU were one step behind, and with Solent's Thompson continuously getting free throws it felt the loss was inevitable.

The game ended 75-100, with plenty for BU to work on, but enough to know they have what it takes to compete.


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