Gary Cahill: “strong mentally is equally as important as the ability”

It is well documented what kind of footballer Gary Cahill is, but in speaking to the man, it was easy to understand from the decorated professional the mentality needed to take on the Championship and why having a strong mind-set is of much value as playing ability.

The ability to manage games in certain situations and being able to have the mind-set to learn from experience is vital to how teams will achieve success in this league.

Although not stating this is what he will personally bring to the squad, he acknowledged that the team will grow over the season in these aspects which have as much value as the ball playing ability.

Speaking to Nerve Sport, Cahill expressed:

“I see this squad as being very young, very exciting, very energetic and I think we’ll grow along the way in terms of experience.

“When I say experience, I mean in terms of managing games in certain situations.

“You need a balance of everything.

“These boys have been through that experience and now hopefully they know if that happened again, they would know how to go about it.”

As Cahill says, the team will develop in these aspects over the course of the season, but Saturday’s home victory to Barnsley was a clear sign of improvement in a short space of time. Going into half-time with only a one goal margin, against a side such as Barnsley, it is easy to let the side back into the game as we saw versus Blackpool.

However, the Cherries continued their momentum, continued to dominate, and came out clear winners. You cannot help but think the presence of Cahill on his debut had a significant role in this improvement, as the side looked relaxed, organised, and full of confidence throughout the 90.

As well as being an outstanding defender, the mentality that Cahill has been able to develop over his vast career will be something the young players will absorb and take with them as the squad continue to grow and strive for success.


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