Introducing Nerve Sport as the university channel responsible for producing excellent multi-media sports coverage. For new or returning students, find out what Nerve Sport has to offer and the roles available to uptake.

Nerve Sport Logo

Welcome to Bournemouth University, and as you are here, welcome to Nerve Sport.

Nerve Sport is a branch of what is Nerve Media; an award-winning student led channel that acts as the university media outlet. As an outlet as a whole, Nerve Media is dedicated to bringing top quality multi-media content, under the support of the Student Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU).

Now we are on the lookout for the next upcoming sports journalists whether that be as a contributor or in an editor role. If you are passionate about sports, passionate about writing, determined to have your opinion heard, or are looking to start building up your CV/profile, then Nerve Sport is the PERFECT place for you. No matter what your interest, we want to hear from you and welcome to you to our team.

For the coming year, Nerve Sport is ready to make up for lost time and bring the best sports coverage throughout Bournemouth and further.

As the sports team, Nerve provides members opportunities that you will not find elsewhere throughout the university. As hopeful journalists, one of the best ways to advance yourself in the profession is to learn on the job. By executing pieces of journalism in the real world, you are gaining the exact experience that will pay dividends as you go through your career.