Parker feels World Cup every four years is “perfect”

FIFA has come under scrutiny this week after announcing plans to potentially move the World Cup to every two years rather than four and Cherries boss Scott Parker has voiced his opinion on the subject.

On the day that the Premier League and EFL came out to oppose the plans put forward by football’s governing body, Nerve Sport asked Bournemouth head coach, Scott Parker, what his opinion on the matter was.

“Look, I am probably more traditional really, I prefer it every four years because that is what I have grown up around and at the same time I may be a bit old in my ways and I don’t like change too much, I quite like it as it is,” he explained

“That is not to say it is the right thing, just from personal opinion every four years years makes it special, makes it elite.

“We also play a lot of games as it is , we play a lot of football with the Euros and World Cups every four years  – it is perfect.

Plus, I feel it is perfect because since a young boy, that is all I have ever known, so that may be why I am coming to that judgement but it is one which suits me and really like and makes it special.

“That’s how I see it, at the same time who is to say if there was change I wouldnt love it – so we will have to see.”

There has already been some major opposition to the proposed biennial World Cup with UEFA president Alxsandr Ceferin saying the proposed changes would ”kill football” and that European teams could boycott the tournament altogether.

The World Leagues forum, which represents professional domestic football leagues globally, issued a statement on Wednesday saying a World Cup every two years would “negatively disrupt the football economy and undermine players’ welfare”. 

Leagues such as the Premier League, EFL and SPFL have also come out independently in opposition to the proposed ideas – initially brought forward by the Saudi Arabian Football Association.

Despite the negative reaction from the European leagues in particular, FIFA’s 71st congress back in MAy saw 166 national federations voted for a feasibility study to be undertaken to look into the proposition of holding the World Cup every two years instead of four.

And some high-profile former players such as Yaya Toure and Javier Masherano as well as FIFA’s chief of global football development, Arsene Wenger, have already voiced their backing to the changes. 

But without the backing of the global football heavyweights such as the Premier League and UEFA it could be difficult for football’s world governing body to push forward these proposed changes should either organisation look to derail any move made by FIFA

Either way, FIFA president Gianni Infantino has said that there would likely be a decision made by the end of this year by the member associations.


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