Hey, Welcome to your Hiking Society. 

Who are we and What do we do ?

we are a hiking society created by a passionate of nature and advanture. what we do is pretty basic and fun:

- We choose a destination, check the weather, plan the travel and the duration of the hike.

- Double check that it’s all safe.

- Organise the group and make sure that it's doable to most of the members.

- For the more advanced ones we got you, we will be planning special and challenging hikes for you.

Our Goals and objectives:

+ Deep Breath pure air and relief our brains of stress and anxiety we get from our day to day life,

+ Improve our mood & mind and increase our happiness levels,

+ Increases attention-span and focus which boosts our creativity and improves our problem solving during the week. 

+ Share our passion with like-minded people that enjoy little details of life and create the best memories

+ Supportive environment to build confidence and self-efficiency,

+ Stay fit and in shape by building body strength,

+ Improve bone density to maintain healthy bones on the long run


- Patient and open minded.

- Able to walk for 2 hours easily.

- Responsible and follows safety guidence.

- Joyful and fun.

Required equipment (for safety reasons):

  • Waterproof hiking BOOTS
  • Comfortable and Warm clothing
  • Waterproof jacket 
  • Preferably a hiking backpack

* The brand we would recommend is Decathlon (good quality and very affordable)

Events and meetups:

- Socials and meetups will be organised quite often

- Hikes will depend on the weather condition but we will do our best for a hike every two weeks