Welcome to the Saudi Society at Bournemouth University- part of the Student Union Bournemouth University (SUBU).
Our society is dedicated to connecting and uniting all Saudi students, creating a supportive and vibrant community that makes you feel right at home, miles away from Saudi Arabia. We have a variety of events and activities lined up throughout the year, especially national events, to immerse you in the rich Saudi culture and ensure you always have a piece of home with you.

Our society is more than just a group; it's a family where every member understands the unique challenges of living abroad. Whether you're feeling disconnected, experiencing culture shock, or simply missing the familiar comforts of Saudi life, we're here to support you. And if you've settled into your new life abroad but are looking to meet new friends and engage in fun activities, we've got you covered too.

Why Join Us?
- Cultural Connection:

Stay connected to your roots through our cultural events, national celebrations, and social gatherings that celebrate our Saudi heritage.
- Support Network:
Find support among peers who understand the challenges of studying abroad and can provide advice, guidance, and companionship.
- Social Activities:
Enjoy a wide range of social events, from casual meetups to organized trips, that cater to our members' diverse interests and help you make lasting memories.
- Cultural Exchange:
Share the rich traditions and culture of Saudi Arabia with the wider university community, promoting cultural understanding and diversity.

Whatever your journey has been so far, the Saudi Society at Bournemouth University is here to welcome you with open arms. Join us to celebrate our culture, build lasting friendships, and make your experience at university truly unforgettable. Welcome Home!