Why join? 

BEST Socials - We offer our members a platform to meet, socialise and build their network through hosting a wide range of popular social events every term. Come join us with VIP TABLES + your very own VIP MENU with incredibly discounted drinks. 

Unrivalled access to speakers including CFO's from a MULTIBILLION pound superyacht company!

AGENTS from the Bank Of England themselves come to explain why they have created the rules they have

Trips to Warwick University's Economics Summit!

To get involved with the Economics Society, simply purchase a membership and attend one of our events!

What we do? 

 Networking and Career Development: We strive to connect members with professionals in the field of economics through networking events, mentorship programmes, and career talks. This creates a bridge between academic learning and professional opportunities.

Community Engagement: Our society believes in the importance of applying economic concepts for the betterment of society. We plan to engage in community projects that allow us to put our economic knowledge to practical use in solving real-world problems.

Speaker Series: Host a diverse range of guest speakers including renowned economists, successful alumni, and leading industry experts who share insights on various economic topics and career advice.

Workshops and Seminars: Organise workshops and seminars aimed at developing specific skills such as data analysis, economic modelling, or financial literacy. These sessions are designed to complement academic learning and provide practical skills.

Panel Discussions: Conduct panel discussions featuring experts who debate on current economic issues, such as global economic crises, monetary policies, and economic impacts of political events, providing multiple perspectives on complex topics.

Educational Trips: Organise trips to financial institutions, companies, and other organisations where economics plays a key role, offering members real-world exposure and practical insights into economic operations.


President: Nikhil Beepur

Vice President: Brandon Wiggins

Secretary: Emily Hopkins

Treasurer: Ivan Ponggan