African & Caribbean Society

Why Join Us?

1) Cultural

2) Engaging

3) Enjoyable

What do we do?

The African Caribbean Society is a society that educate students about the culture of Africa & Caribbean, and how we can improve the welfare of students who are from the culture.

The ACS educate these cultures through events such as festivals, music, dance, drama and many more.

We are proud to be among the biggest societies in Bournemouth University and we are willing to cater for all members.

Join and Take part among out society today.


Key Events

Black History Month, Meet & Greet, Movie night, The Sound (open mic night), christmas ball

When and Where?

Weekly, Tablbot Campus

Meet the Committee

President:  Kristie Nyakuwanikwa 

Vice President:  Noku Sunduza

Treasurer:  Jodi Nwasike

Health & Safety: TJ Akinkunle

Events: Jaechaun Allen

Media Manager:  Ntobeko (Tee) Sengwayo