Archaeological, Historical and Anthropological

Why Join Us?

1) Academic Support

2) Socials and fun

3) Experiments!

What do we do?

The AHA society is a group for socials, trips, guest lectures, and hands on experiments, open to anyone with an interesit in Archaeology, History or Anthropology, or a good time.

Our typical activities are guest speakers followed by Q&As in Dylans with the professors, and Pub crawls.

The society provides academic support for AAFS students and related subjects, and allows skill sharing across the years, and supplementary practice in field skills, and experiments, such as copper smelting from ore.


Key Events

Poole Bonfire Night and fireworks, with day trip to poole museum. Beach parties, (possible Freshers toga party), The Infamous Christmas Party and Twelve Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl. Guest Speakers, Trip to Southamptons The Hobbit LOTR themed pub, where you can win a free T-shirt!

When and Where?

Input regular events 

Meet the Committee

President:   Ben Gardner

Communications:   Danny Broadbend

Treasurer:   James Tester

Health & Safety:   Tabitha Gulliver-Lawrence

Equipment & Events:   Tabitha Grist Parker