Why Join Us?

1) Exclusive Lectures From Eminent Archaeologists 

2) Research and Academic Support

3) Extracurricular Trips

What do we do?

The AA society is a group for social activities, trips, workshops and lab sessions and guest lectures, open to anyone with an interest in Archaeology, History or Anthropology.

Our typical activities are "An Evening With..." events- guest speakers followed by Q&As in Dylans with professors and other professionals in the field. Pub crawls, Socials and Museum Trips. This provides you with the opportunity to become acquainted with the faculty and exciting new experiences unlike any other!  

We endeavour to provide the most insightful and exciting entertainment we can with an equal balance of practical and theoretical activities.

The society provides academic support for Archaeology students and related subjects, and allows skill sharing across the years, as well as a chance to make connections within the faculty.

Key Events

Coming in April: Trip to the British museum World of Stonehenge exhibition. Date will be announced soon

Nebra sky disc Painting- Come and have a go at painting your own version of the Nebra sky disc. Date will be announced soon

Our "An Evening With ..." sessions with both faculty and guest speakers.


When and Where?

Events are posted on our social media accounts, with usually around 3-4 exciting events per month. We will endevour to schedule events around the timetables of our members to ensure no-one misses out


Meet the Committee

President:   Will Odling

Communications:   Keir Broughton

Treasurer:   Shelly Sell, Mikhail Drury

Health & Safety:   Sophie Smith

Equipment & Events:  Keir Broughton

Social Media: Helena Fahy