Why Join Us?

1) We offer an inexpesive and accessable way to get into the hobby of airsoft

2) Meet new like minded people and make new friends in and out of the society

3) Get involved with an outdoor activity with your friends

What do we do?

Airsoft is a hobby that’s entirely for fun.

Throughout your time playing airsoft you’ll have to opportunity to improve your teamwork and you can experience an amazing range of play-styles. There are skirmish days, MilSim events, SpeedQB tournaments and more.

Your average ‘walk-on’ gameday costs anywhere between £15 and £35 depending on the site and generally last from 09:00-16:00. We also have rental equipment available for members of the society that you can use till your get your own kit. 

There is such a wide range of things to do in airsoft, whether you want to hang out and have a chilled day, play a fast paced SpeedQB event or even attend a serious Military Simulation event with companies such as Stirling or Gunman.

If you can’t decide, have a chat with one of us!

Once you have joined please join our Discord server and message a committee member with proof of purchase

When and Where?

Ground Zero, Spec Ops, Southcoast CQB and more!

Meet the Committee

President:   Luke Witherington

Communications:  Robert Giblett

Treasurer:   James Brown

Equipment & Events:   Dean Hodgson

Health & Safety:   Francis Nitsch-Jones