Why Join Us?

1) Having fun with a bunch of friendly nerds :)

2) Encouraging peer to peer learning and cooperation

3) Promoting a great variety of organized academic and social events throughout the year

What Do We Do?

If you are an animation student or you're just interested in it, we welcome you to join our society! The Animation Society is both academic and social - we try to create events for you where you can get academic advice, but we also want to build a community where you can find people with the same interests and make friends with them.

We will host events such as film nights, socials, arts and crafts as well as seasonally themed events! We also organise a Summer Ball at the end of the year.

One of our aims is also to try and offer advice to students studying animation about their work.

How to Join Us?

With just £3, you can purchase an annual membership for our society!

This will cover the majority of the events (online and in person) for the entire academic year :D 


Key Events

  • Icebreaker event (5th October 2021),
  • Film Nights (monthly, depending on members request), 
  • Socials and Game Nights (Every 2 to 3 weeks)
  • Game Jams in collaboration with the Game Development Society (termly - first one is on the 19th November 2021)
  • Cat cafe life drawing (termly, depending on members request)
  • Design Challenges (termly)
  • NCCA Sunset Ball (date unknown yet)


When and Where?

You can drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

We usually organise events every two weeks - these are either themed events, socials or arts and crafts at campus. If you have any suggestions, don't be afraid to let us know!


Meet the Committee

President:  Emma Fogarasi (Emmi)

Vice-President:  Ana-Maria Cristina Ureche

Communications:  Flavia Macovei

Treasurer:  Marta Czerniewicz

Equipment & Social Events:  Madeleine Boyce