Animation Society

Why Join Us?

1) Having fun with a bunch of friendly nerds :)

2) Encouraging peer to peer learning and cooperation

3) Promoting a great variety of organized academic and social events throughout the year

What Do We Do?

The Animation Society is getting some new life in it this coming year and will be focusing on building a social community for students studying animation and enthusiasts of the discipline at BU and AUB.

Our society will host social events, like barbecues, game nights, stress-buster events and other seasonally themed events, throughout the year and a big event at the end of the year.

We will also run working meet-ups which are aimed at getting students to help each other improve their work and network.

Life drawing sessions have been asked for and, attendance allowing, we will be doing our best to allow members access to extra sessions with professional or volunteer models.

We are aware that this year things will be a bit different due to these extraordinaty circumstances, but we'll do the bast we can to still entertain you and keep a sense of community (online).

We will also, circumstances allowing, try to organise an optional trip for members to go on at some point at the end of the year.

So if you love animation and don't want to miss out on all the opportunities coming up sign up! :D

How to Join Us?

With just £3, you can purchase an annual membership for our society!

This will cover the majority of the events (online and in person) for the entire academic year :D 

Key Events

  • Icebreaker event (31st October 2020),
  • Life drawing (monthly, depending on members request), 
  • Drop in networking and assistance sessions (monthly),
  • Movie screenings and Game nights (monthly),
  • Masterclasses on specific softwares (montly),
  • Dylan's NCCA drinks (monthly over the summer),
  • Activities Awards (Spring 2021), 
  • NCCA Sunset Ball (26th June 2021)
  • Animators Barbecue (Summer 2021),

When and Where?

You can drop us a message on Microsoft Teams or on our Facebook page. 

We'll tend to organize an event every two week: this will be done virtually using Zoom. In-person events can be scheduled starting by the 2nd semester (TBC). In the meantime, stay safe guys :)

Meet the Committee

President:  Diana Pelino

Vice-President:  Charlotte Scott

Communications:  Zornitsa Lazarova

Treasurer:  Marta Czerniewicz

Health & Safety:  Ellie Hamilton

Equipment & Social Events:  Ana-Maria Cristina Ureche & Anna Aroti