Welcome to BU Bench Ball


About us!

We started Bench Ball Society because we feel there is a massive group of people who love playing sports and being active, but lack the confidence to try out for a competitive team over at SportBU. We wanted to create a place where people feel comfortable to turn up, play some fun games of bench ball & meet new people! Of course with any sport there's always going to be a competitive element, but we really do want people to just turn up, feel included and have a laugh! And what better sport to choose but everyone's favourite primary school game, right? 


What we do!

Weekly Sessions - We will be hosting an hour of bench ball once a week. Sessions will involve several versions of bench ball played by our members at school and we are hoping to mix in some dodgeball too to keep things fresh. We want to organise mini tournaments with players broken down into smaller teams, as well as larger games with the whole group split into two big teams.

Socials - We may not be competing in a league with other uni's, but when it comes to socials we want to be a proper sports team! That means themed boozy socials and no doubt some Wednesday trips to Cameo. We will likely go to the pub after our bench ball sessions too for those who would like to join us. Not a drinker? No worries, we will be trying to organise some fun sober socials too. 


When, where & how much? 

We are charging Bench Ball Society on a session by session basis. It costs £1 per session to play. As we are required by SUBU to have a membership fee of a minimum of £1, we recommend people to buy their memberships through this site in advance and we will count that as your payment for your first session. 

Where we play? 7-8pm every Thursday @ Talbot Campus sports hall


Meet the committee!

President - Owen Young, Events Management. 

Communications - Sam Richards, Forensic Investigation.

Treasurer - Lauren Froud, Psychology with Forensic Investigation. 

Health and Safety - Morgan Gunn, Biomedical Sciences.

Socials - Immie Shaw, Sport Coaching