Weekly meetings: Mondays @ 17:30 in PG22

Why join us?

We’re a group of people who are interested in learning languages. Even if you’re learning a different language to another, you can still share your techniques and motivate each other. When you do have the same language of interest, you can group up and practise by having a space to converse with each other.

Things on offer

All interested students get two free tasters! It can be two weekly sessions or one weekly and one "class" session.

We will run two types of key meetings for all members regardless of language:

  • Weekly meetings are catch-up sessions, to chat with others for learning ideas / techniques and other topics of interest.
  • Monthly meetings are our society socials, to hang out with each other without thinking about language learning.

Language Learning based

We offer two types of learning formats. Classes or Buddies:

  • Buddies, where you find another member who is learning or can speak the language of interest.
  • Classes, where you find a group of members which are being led by an opt-in member volunteer.
    • An opt-in volunteer is a member of the society who is a native or intermediate speaker of a given language who wishes to lead a group of members.

Languages currently within our society: Cantonese, English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and more to come.

When and Where?

Weekly meetings

Mondays @ 17:30 - 19:30 in PG22 (Poole House Ground Floor, not Poole Gateway Building)

Class timetables

Classes will begin to appear once there's a big enough interest in a specific language.

Meet the Committee

Li McKenzie
Skye Chow
Vice President
Ollie Robinson
Communications Officer
Lin, Tzu-Han
Charlie Birt
Events & H&S Officer
Aya Hayashi
Social Media Officer

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