Why join us?

i) COMMUNITY – meet a diverse, like-minded group of fellow amatuer creative writers! 

ii) FEEDBACK – you'll have the opportunity to share and develop your work through advice and constructive feedback. 

iii) ENVIRONMENT – a dedicated safe place to work on your writing without risk of judgement or distraction.

Once you're in...

We meet up every Friday from 6-8pm in F308 (third floor of Fusion Building).

The first hour is dedicated to a group discussion and feedback on your week's work – sharing work is optional!

The second hour is purely dedicated to writing, writing, writing!


We do a variety of events, from cafés to castles, museums to movies, and so much more!

Meet the Team!

President: Harry Cripp – the dad of the society.

Secretary: Alyssa Whitehead – horror movie enthusist (only the good ones!)

Treasurer: Max Harris – chief deserter.

Social Secretary: Liv Wake – comic-con regular.


If that sounds good to you, talk to us on our Discord!