Bulgarian Society

Why Join Us?

1) Learn about the culture

2) Great social atmosphere

3) Help with integrating into university life

What do we do?

We welcome you to the Bulgarian Society in Bournemouth University!

A group for students from Bulgaria and those with an interest in Bulgarian culture to get together, explore the cuisine, music and art of the Balkans.

Feel free to tell your friends and anyone who you think would have an interest in this colorful ensemble of Eastern European folklore meeting the rich history of the United Kingdom!


Key Events

Freshers Fair (September 22nd 2018), Activities Awards (April 2nd 2019) 

When and Where?

Talbot Campus

Meet the Committee

President:  Zoya Antonova

Communications: Teodora Antova

Treasurer:  Hristina Zaykova

Health & Safety:  Andrey Shterionov

Equipment & Events:  Natalia Mileva