About us

We are a group of Young Catholics that come together to talk about our faith and grow in friendship.

Our aims :

  1. Grow in fellowship and friendship

  2. Bring other people closer to christ and the church

  3. Encouraging Catholics in the local area to meet each other and serve the community


Weekly and key events 2021/2022 

We meet every Sunday evening at 6pm in the Oratory Church in Bournemouth for Benediction and fellowship where we have a range of events includng talks on theology, watching episodes of the Chosen and discusions about questions we have. 

We also have a weekly Rosary said at 2pm every wednesday on Tallbot Campus run by Father Andrew Wagstaff (our University Chaplain).

We are having a Praise and Worship night on Friday 18th March 2022.

We have a day retreat to the Sisters in the New Forest (Dominican Sisters of Saint Joseph) on Thursday 31st of March from 9am to 6pm.

All are welcome to join for any of these events if you want to find fellow Catholics or learn more about the faith

Where to find us 

Most of the society attends the 10:30am mass on a Sunday and the Bournemouth Oratory (the Sacred Heart Church) where we meet in the hall for drinks and cake after. 

Father Andrew Wagstaff can be found at the Bournemouth Oratory most days and on Talbot Campus on Wednesday afternoons

If you want to get in touch, please look at our facebook page where we have more information or pop into mass on a Sunday morning or our fellowship meetings on a Sunday evening

The Committee 

President: Martha Legg 

Communications: Vic Hyde  

Treasurer: Uchechukwumere Obiegbu  

Health & Safety: Samuel Fry 

Equipment & Events: Nnayereugo Obiegbu