Who We Are?

The Central and Eastern European Society is a community of students dedicated to fostering a community and appreciation of the cultures that span across Central and Eastern Europe at BU.
Whether you have personal roots in the region or simply a fascination with the area or culture, our society offers a welcoming space for you to connect, learn, and celebrate.
No matter your background or level of familiarity with Central and Eastern Europe, our society is open for all.

Why join Us?

  • Meet new people coming from a similar background.

  • Learn about different cultures.

  • Have your say in a new society.

Key Events

16/11 - Movie Night With Film Society

Meet the Committee

President: Tomasz Klebek
Communications: Aly Ghicavaia
Treasurer: Darius Cirstean
Equipment & Events: Open
Health and Safety: Open
AUB Representative:Open