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Who We Are?

The Central and Eastern European Society is a community of students dedicated to fostering a community and appreciation of the cultures that span across Central and Eastern Europe at BU and AUB.

Whether you have personal roots in the region or simply a fascination with the area/culture, or just want to make new friends, our society offers a welcoming space for anyone. No matter your background or level of familiarity with Central and Eastern Europe, our society is open to all, as we aim to create a space and group for our members and friends to de-stress and enjoy themselves.

Why join Us?

  • Meet new people coming from similar backgrounds.

  • Frequent large group socials and events.

  • Learn about different cultures.

  • Have your say in a new society.

  • Make lifelong friends that go beyond uni.

The Committee:

President: Tomasz Klebek
Communications: Aly Ghicavaia
Treasurer: Darius Cirstean