Bournemouth's Kink & BDSM Society

In partnership with Honour and Honour Clothing - 20% discount for members!

We are a group of free and open-minded people that have discussions about kink fetishes and more. If you want to join in and share your experience or learn more about what kink has to offer, this is the society for you!

Our society is inclusive to all - you don't have to be kinky to join, as long as you have an open mind to others' interests.

Email or message us on Facebook once you have a membership and we will get you on the discord server where everything is organised - if you don't you may miss out! Feel free to email us if there's an issue.

Why Join Us?

1. Meet like-minded people with similar intimate interests and openly discuss these without judgement.

2. Learn more about different kinks and bdsm.

3. Explore your own interests in a safe and secure environment.


  • No kinkshame, only kinksame - no judgement, we accept all kinks even if it's not your preference
  • Be respectful - of others, their preferences, and boundaries
  • No use of the *vomiting* emojis in case it comes across as offensive
  • We ask you to take the as a fun introduction to the society and for your own curiosity. This is optional but is useful for your own knowledge and understanding of yourself, and context when talking to others, so do recommend it.

Upcoming Key Events:

Fortnightly - Coffee shop afternoons - alternating between central Bournemouth town/Lansdowne and Winton (Town Tuesdays/Winton Wednesdays)
Next dates - Weds 18th May; Tues 31st May; and ongoing...

Tues 17th - Presentation 6pm - Talbot Campus

Sat 21st - Charity event TBA!

When and Where?

Various bars, pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, coffee shops; Mulligan's crazy golf; Dylan's; dedicated spaces; certain shops; and online when needed - Zoom, Facebook and Discord.
Sound Circus is our regular haunt <3 

Small and unofficial socials are regularly organised in the group chat, weekly or more!

The Committee: - voting for our next committee now open!

President/Founder: Georgia B

Co-President/Founder: Nicola B

Events: Amber F

Comms/Social Sec: Michael F

Treasurer: Jack S

Health & Safety: Nathan A

Founded by Georgia B and Nicola B, 2020.