Bournemouth's Kink & BDSM Society


We are a group of free and open-minded people that have discussions about kink, fetishes and more. If you want to join in and share your experience or learn more about what kink has to offer, this is the society for you!

Our society is inclusive to all. You don't have to be kinky to join, as long as you have an open mind to others' interests.

Join our Discord server here:

Why Join Us?

1. Meet like-minded people with similar intimate interests and openly discuss these without judgement.

2. Learn more about different kinks and bdsm.

3. Explore your own interests in a safe and secure environment.


  • No kinkshame, only kinksame: No judgement, we accept all kinks even if it's not your preference.
  • Be respectful: Of others, their preferences, and boundaries.
  • No use of the *vomiting* emojis: Incase it comes across as offensive.


Regular MUNCHlink Socials - Weekly/Fortnightly

Always at Talbot Campus: Regular social events where you can chat and hang out, with a different topic highlighted and introduced each time.

Themed Socials, Society Collaborations, Lectures, Activities and more!

When and Where?

On campus, various bars, pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and coffee shops, Mulligan's Mini Golf; Boom Battle Bar, Dylan's, dedicated spaces, certain shops, and online.

Alt/Sound Circus is our regular haunt. <3

Small and unofficial socials are regularly organised in the group chat, weekly or more!

The Committee

President (BU): Lewis S. (Chim)

Communications: Dean H.

Events: Birds

Health & Safety: Eleanor M. (Turtles)

Treasurer: Ezra C.

Founded by Georgia B. and Nicola B. (2020)