Why Join BU Chess Society?

1. Regular chess sessions for players of all strengths.

2. Players can develop their interest and skill to improve their game.

3. Provide a relaxed and social environment for fellow students.

No matter whether you are looking to be the next grandmaster or just enjoyed The Queen's Gambit, we don't care! People of any experience and strength levels are welcome to join our chess community.

Where & When?

  • Sessions held weekly, Thursday 7pm - 9pm.

  • SUBU Building on Talbot Campus 5th floor.

What to Expect?

  • A Laidback atmosphere for members to converse and play chess.

  • Refreshments and snacks provided at every session.

  • Seperate sessions are going to be available for those that are looking to take chess to a competitive level.

Meet the Committee:

Mr President - Joseph Ballard.

Miss Secretary of Communications - Matilde Bento.

Mr Equipment - Harry Bishop.

Ms Treasurer - Amy Langlands.

Mr Miscellaneous  - Matthew Hickey.